We often request a large number of employees for last minute rush projects, sometimes leaving you only a few hours to make it happen. Your recruiters always pull through, finding the folks we need to service our own customers.

So many times there are last minute schedule changes… I either have to add to the number of employees we requested, cancel at the last minute, only to reschedule the next day. You make all this happen for us without blinking an eye. I’m glad we don’t have to make all those calls ourselves.

I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate that PACE is always there for us. Every member of your team helps us make our jobs easier.  I never have to worry about having the staff I need to get a project done.

If there is ever a problem with any employee on assignment, PACE is “all over it” and lets us know exactly what they are doing to resolve the problem. I so appreciate that they are always upfront with us and their employees.

A big thank you to PACE and all you do for us!

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