Call CenterThere are a growing number of healthcare focused call centers sprouting up around the Puget Sound.  These call centers are focused on a variety of patient services such as dispatching healthcare information, scheduling appointments, following up on referrals, etc.

All major healthcare facilities now have one or more call centers devoted exclusively to patient or patient family services. New service jobs with clear career potential are being created daily.

If you are a call center manager looking for a recruiting resource with a wide net and a sharp eye, you’ve found the right partner.  Temp-to-hire staffing can both attract and screen employees that are good fits for the service components of healthcare.

The temp-to-hire staffing model is popular in other arenas of call center staffing and is one of our specialties. We’ll help you design a program that will work inside your team.

And if you are a currently working employee or job seeker looking for a new place to use your already perfected customer service skills, we have some local healthcare employers who are willing to train you on the nuances of healthcare services. Our temp-to-hire recruiting model will give you that chance to look at the specifics service requirements and work environment before you say your permanent “I do’s.” We think this is a great way to put you in a place to decide if healthcare is the right fit for you.  We know that the service jobs in healthcare are challenging but very rewarding for people who want to be servicing people in need.

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