Job Auditions are at an All Time High!

“Temp to hire” and “try before you buy” staffing models are proving to be one of the local area’s most popular ways for employers to recruit and hire the right employees.  Candidates go to work quickly, by- passing many of the steps in the traditional hiring process,  while allowing  both employee and employer to check each other out before making a final commitment to accept more permanent employment.

30 to 40% of the employees placed by PACE Staffing Network on temporary or contract assignments end up to being hired by our clients each year.     

Check out these stories from former PACE employees who began working for our clients in temporary roles, but were later hired into jobs they love!

Althea H.  targeted one of our clients as a prospective  employer and came to us because she knew we were their exclusive staffing provider – “the way in the door”.  When we found and offered her a temporary assignment in a high profile administrative role with her “dream” employer, she was thrilled.  She was even more thrilled when six months later our client chose her to become a permanent part of their team.

Here’s what Althea told us she liked best about her “temp to hire” audition…

“Going through a temp to hire audition gives you a real sense of what you are getting into.  You can check out the work requirements and decide if you want to take them on before you  accept an offer of employment.  What could be better?”

She also commented that PACE made the whole process fast and easy.  “PACE knew what the job entailed and were on top of what I needed to do to get hired from day one.  PACE was honest and upfront, and offered a good rate of pay even during the audition process.  I would recommend PACE and the temp to hire process to all my friends. “ 

Alex H. had a similar experience, taking a temporary position with one of our busy call center clients who had just implemented a “temp to hire” recruiting model to staff their new Seattle area call center.    Alex worked a short 3 months as a PACE employee while he completed a series of performance benchmarks required by our client in order to be hired direct.

We asked Alex what she thought of the temp to hire process:

“It makes for a better job-hunting experience.  It gives you time to think about your work and be able to ask if this is really what I want.  PACE’s client required me to pass several tests before being considered for hire.  I felt good when I was able to do that.”  

Tammy B. decided to move back to the Spokane area after a short stay in Seattle and wanted to find the “just right” job.   Here’s her story about how the temp to hire staffing model worked for her.

“I wanted to move back to Spokane from Seattle and find a job with good benefits and pay.  I resigned from my job in Seattle, posted my resume on a job board, and within minutes, I was contacted by a PACE recruiter for a temporary assignment with a Spokane area healthcare facility.  When they described the job, the pay and benefits, I decided to take the assignment even though I would be doing work quite different from what I had done in other jobs.   It was definitely a leap of faith as I knew very little about temporary work and the temp to hire staffing model.   

What I liked about my audition is that I got a chance to try out a job that I had not done before.  I had no idea if I would like it or not, but the audition allowed me to know exactly what I was getting into and a chance to fall in love with the work – which I did!   I ended up accepting long term employment that was perfect for me!    

My PACE recruiter helped me by arranging the interview with their client and getting everything together that was needed in order to start working.  I highly recommend PACE and the temp to hire process!”

Congratulations to Althea, Alex and Tammy – three employees who found a way to make a difference and find jobs they love!


Want to learn more about the temp to hire staffing model?  If you are an employee contact our Recruiting team at  If you are an employer contact our Partner Services team at

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