When candidates are screened for both “can do” and “wanna do” qualities, there is a big difference in their performance and retention.

At PACE Staffing Network, finding the employee who is the right “match” for a job isn’t just about their “can do” qualifications (ie. the required skills, knowledge and experience) but also about their “wanna do’s” – what makes them excited about coming to work each day.  Even beginner level candidates “can do” a lot of jobs, but there are only a few they really “want to do”.   We know that a candidate’s  “can dos” will get them hired, but its their  “wanna dos” that “makes a difference” to their performance on the job!   

Hiring candidates based on their “match” is no small matter.

We know first hand that employees who are well matched to their job, will out perform their equally qualified but less well matched counterparts – often as much as 2 to 1.  They stay in their jobs longer;  they are  happier, more productive at work;  they are the mainstay of team and company morale.  

Here’s what our recruiters consider when screening candidates for “match”

Will this candidate love what they are asked to do – each and every day?

When working with our clients to develop a “recruiting profile” we always start with a clear understanding of the work to be performed.  Knowing as much as we can about a “ day in the life” is key to placement success.  Here’s why:

        Employees do best when the requirements to be successful match up with their real talents.    

How much previous experience or education is actually relevant to on the job performance?        

This can be tricky as many of our clients will “over request” on both  “years of experience”and educational requirements – not fully understanding that for some employees having 5 years of work experience is like having one year of experience 5 times.

We think more important to the right match is understanding what components of the job the employee needs to have mastered on day one, and what components can be taught or learned on the job.  Recognizing that the more experience our client requests, the tougher the recruit and the more expensive the employee is likely to be,  here’s what we like to know….

Do the logistics of the job match up with what’s important to the employee? 

     The logistics of the job has to be right or an employee’s retention is at risk!   

Does the team’s “way of working”  (i.e. their culture)  match up with how the candidate works best? 

Do the opportunities for “more” match up with the employee’s aspirations? 

Does the company’s mission fuel the candidate’s passion?

Making the “right match” is not easy.  In today’s tight candidate marketplace, it is critically important for hiring managers to get clear on what matters most about the “match” and what components can be wiggled just a bit and still have a successful hire.  What are the MUST HAVES, different from the WOULD LIKES?

This article was written by Jeanne, Knutzen Founder and CEO of PACE Staffing Network. PACE has been helping Northwest job seekers find employment and employers find the right talent for over 40 years!  The PACE Staffing Network is part of that elite group of staffing companies who have been rated by their customers to be in the top 2% of the staffing industry, earning the BEST OF STAFFING designation by independent industry surveyor, Inavero.

You can contact Jeanne directly on any matter related to employment, hiring, staffing at jeannek@pacestaffing.com or check us out at www.pacestaffing.com.







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