The RIGHT Staffing Agency Partner Makes a BIG Difference!

Searching for a job can be an incredibly stressful experience.  As companies use more and more automated features to narrow down the number of candidate’s they talk to, its easy for resumes or applications to slip thru the cracks.  Its also easy for job candidates to get frustrated when they spend 30 minutes filling out an application and get no response,  or worse, are rejected with no clue as to why.   This problem applies equally to recent college grads as well as highly seasoned career professionals.  So if that’ been your experience in the job hunt, you’re not alone.

Here’s where a good temporary staffing agency like the PACE Staffing Network can help you have a better “job hunting” experience.

The Right Staffing Agency will Connect You to Companies Before They’re Officially Hiring.

Most companies have a variety of short term staffing needs – jobs created by the ups and downs in their business cycles, seasonal needs, or organizational changes.  They don’t want to hire long term until they know a business change or opportunity will stick, but at the same time they need additional employees to help them with special projects or business upticks.

To handle this staffing challenge, most companies turn to temporary staffing agencies to find employees willing to work for them on a short term basis.

The good news in this staffing strategy for both you and the employer is that when it comes time to hire permanently, their temporary employees become their first choice as candidates for hire.  You’re already in place; you know their culture and how they work; you have relationships with people who can attest to your good work.  For employers you are an easy resource to hire quickly. For you,  you by pass the frustration of sending an application into a “black hole”.

One Application Gives You Access to Multiple Employers and Jobs! 

One of the important benefits of working with a staffing agency is that they have access to a large network of employers who use them to staffing their temporary and core roles.   With one agency application you get immediate access to many more jobs or employers than you could access on your own going thru the laborious process of filling out an application for each job or company you contact.

They Open the RIGHT Doors with the RIGHT Contacts – Making it Easier for You to Get Noticed and Hired!

When it comes time to open doors, a good staffing agency will not only know which doors to open, but how to open them in a way that gets you the job offer you want. When you’re represented by an agency, the groundwork for a successful interview and offer are already in play.  You’ll know exactly what you need to do to get the job offer you want!

They Can Arrange for You to Test Drive Your Next Career Decision!

Once your staffing agency places you on a temporary work assignment, you have a chance to check out the position and the company as an option for long term employment. You get to observe the politics, the culture, and the management style up close and personal.  You get to decide if the work content, commute, team, etc. is right for you.  And since the positions you accept are designed to be short term, you get to test out as many options as you want until you find the one that is the right career fit for you – without hassle or “short termer” labels.  If the company is not a good fit, you simply finish your assignment and move on.

They Make it Easy for You to Become Part of the New Gig Economy.

Many employees start work as a temp intending to get hired directly once they’ve proven their worth.  What some employees uncover is that working as a “temp” is actually a really cool way of working – going from company to company, using different skills, solving different problems, avoiding the politics of long term employment. And in today’s job market, a successful history of “temping” while in between jobs or while looking for the “just right” career opportunity is considered a good thing – enhancing you as a candidate, and your resume as a door opener.

And because your temp agency is your W2 employer, you can become part of the new wave of flexible workers without any legal or administrative hassles. Your temp agency pays all your taxes and files all required payroll reports.  You automatically become eligible for all mandated benefit programs including healthcare and paid time off benefits.

For recent grads, working on a variety of temp gigs is the ideal way to build up your resume with actual work experiences, increasing your value when it comes time to apply for a longer term career role.

Hey, we know we’re biased, but we think that working for the right temporary staffing agency is a great option for someone frustrated with a job search that is taking too long and that doesn’t have any human contact.  Temping is also a great solution for job seekers who want to try out a company before they work for them long term, and for seasoned professionals who find it more challenging to work in a variety of temporary roles than commit to one employer long term.

If you’re thinking about taking advantage of the “go to work when and how you want” features of temporary staffing, we’d love to talk with you about how we can make a difference. Contact our Candidate Services team at 425-637-3311.  Check out our job board that is constantly updated with new placement opportunities.

This article was written by Nicholas Black, PACE Staffing Network’s Candidate Services manager.  If you have any questions about the jobs we offer please contact Nick at

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