PACE Staffing Recruiting ManagerMy name is Mike Gunther and I’m a Senior Recruiter at the PACE Staffing Network .  I’ve worked for PACE for over 6 years in a variety of roles – but all related to recruiting, getting great candidates to our employer clients.

Currently my role on the team is to a senior recruiter.  I handle requests for direct hire, temp to hire and long term contract roles.  I screen candidates to our cient’s  specifications plus get them ready to earn a place on my client’s short list.  With unemployment rates at a historical low, I know this is a difficult time to be in staffing but I enjoy the challenge of uncovering those hard to find candidates for my clients.

I also make a difference by providing someone looking for job with opportunities they not be able to find on their own.  PACE is very tapped into the hidden job market – jobs that never get posted, because we fill them first.

I began my career in staffing at Microsoft, learning all the nuances of a fast paced staffing environment.  I decided to work for PACE because got a sense right away that PACE was a company of integrity and a place that upheld a high standard of service – two things that are very important to me!

A lot of positions I work on require bilingual language skills – often working with candidates who are seeking their first job in the US.  I love this kind of recruiting, particularly when a number of the bilingual employees I’ve placed get their first promotions.

On my time off I enjoy going to music concerts, DJ’ing at events, viewing art, traveling and collecting vinyl records.

I’m a full blown Chuck Norris groupie – but my favorite all time quote is from Wayne Gretzky – “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” – Wayne Gretzky.

Here is a pic of Mike doing what he loves, DJ’ing at a local event.



Pace Staffing NetworkPACE has had the pleasure of having Mike on our team for 5 years now and he does a phenomenal job for us!  He is a heads-down worker and is extremely dedicated to his craft.  Thanks Mike for all your hard work!


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