You’re Relocating. You Need a New Job. Some Important FIRST STEPS!

PACE Local JobsWhether you’re relocating from the East, North, Southern parts of the country, you’re definitely not alone.  According to some newly released census data, the Seattle metropolitan area (the area we lovingly refer to as the Puget Sound) has gained about 1,100 people per week since 2010.  Seattle proper is said to be expanding by close to 250 people per week.

And if you are one of those folks trying to find a new job while in the middle of re locating, we can only imagine the whirl wind of to dos you are facing daily. From packing and loading the vehicles to setting up new utility accounts to learning where the nearest Trader Joes is, you’ve got a lot to do.  The last thing you want to think about are all those details that get you ready for the job hunt.

We’ve created a short check list of job hunting MUSTs for candidates who are relocating to the Puget Sound from other parts of the country.

Make sure the address on your resume and job board profiles are up to date! 

Let’s face it, a busy recruiter gives your resume a 5 second look over and if the first thing they see is an address in Boston while they are trying to fill a job in Bellevue,  forget about getting a call.  Many applicant registration or resume parsing systems will simply put you in a bucket where no one looks – and you will have lost an opportunity for a great job.

If you don’t have an exact address to where you’ll be living, just put something simple like  Relocating to the Seattle area from Boston, MA ( 7.18.2018)  in that place on your resume where you address would normally reside.

Update your contact information.  Clean out your voice mail box.    

You would be amazed by how many resumes we find out there on the web with phone numbers that are either incorrect or disconnected. When you move and change your phone number but forget to update your resume, you simply can’t be reached, no matter how perfect your qualifications might be for the job you’ve applied for.   Recruiters have no time to chase you down.

This is a great time to remind you to make sure your voicemail greeting is 100% professional and even more importantly that you don’t let your mail box get so full of messages a recruiter can’t leave one for you.

Consider the Commute – When looking at a job, when deciding where to live.

Regardless of where you choose to live in the Puget Sound, your home to job commute is a big thing. So much so that employers simply won’t consider hiring you unless they are convinced the commute you’ll face each day coming to and going from work will not be an issue.  If you’re applying for a job in Kent and your resume says you live in Woodinville,  you’ve got an uphill battle.   Recruiters will be weighing  their chances of retaining you if you’re traveling that type of commute to get to work each day.

The good news for our long term residents and our re locators is that the Greater Seattle area has many small towns and cities, many with robust business communities sprinkled close by.   IOW, there are many opportunities for you to work close to home if you take the time to narrow your job search to companies who are located close by.  If you select a job in the wrong location you can spend 2-3 hours on the road each day just getting from home to your office.  Not good.

When You Apply for JOBS Before You Move……..

…make sure your resume and /or cover letter clearly states your intent to move, providing an actual date of arrival if possible.  Whether you are going through a staffing agency or applying directly to a company, never hide the fact that you’re not yet local, but make sure they know exactly when you will be available to start work.  If you are a great fit for a position, Northwest companies know they can’t pass you by, but they don’t want to be surprised by an unanticipated delay in your start date.

If you don’t know how long it will take for you to get settled, and you can afford, to be off the market for a while, we recommend you not start your job search until you’re ready to start work.

Consider Working as a “Temp” to Check Out the Job Market…..

While its difficult to be considered for a temporary role when you haven’t yet moved, if you want to test the job market before saying your final “I do”, there is no better solution than using  a temporary staffing agency  like PACE Staffing Network to help you get your feet wet in a new job market.  If you’re moving here from a different type of employment market, you may not be familiar with the wide range of jobs you will encounter here in Seattle.  Taking your time to find the right job can have its benefits.

And if you’d like to ease into your new location without the pressures of starting a new job, working on a series of interim jobs will be a great way to keep the income flowing without the pressure of starting too many things new at the same time.  Most temporary staffing companies are more than happy to keep you working while you look for the right full time opportunity and many will help you find that just right job when the time is right.

Don’t forget honesty and transparency is always best when it comes to your resume and applying for jobs.  If you keep these reminders front and center during your job search during your relocation you should have much greater success in getting the call backs and hopefully interviews! Have faith in your skills and take that confidence forward!

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