[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Whether you are a recruiter or HR professional looking to broaden your digital outreach for hiring or looking to engage your employees in company-wide hiring, our guide to optimizing your LinkedIn Presence for hiring ensures that you reach potential candidates within your network!


1. Use Your Headline to Make it Noticeable You Are Hiring Now

Your Headline is the first thing that people see when they view your profile so make sure that it is very easy to see that you are currently hiring! Here are some examples of great LinkedIn headlines for recruiting:

2. Leave A Note To Potential Candidates In Your “About” Section

Following your name and headline, people viewing your profile will then shift their attention to your “About” section to find more detailed information about who you are and what you can do for them. Here are a few awesome examples of how you can optimize your “About” section for recruiting the RIGHT candidates:

Note: It can be helpful to specify the types of roles you are recruiting for so you don’t get overloaded by unfitting candidates.

3. Always Expand Your Network

Every time you speak to a new candidate or job seeker be sure to send them a LinkedIn connection invite. Even if they are not a great fit for any of your current openings, they could be for future roles so it is important to expand your network to as many job seekers as you can – plus they may be able to refer someone in their network to you that would be a more fitting candidate. Here are a few simple notes you can drop with a connection request to potential candidates:

4. Free Job Postings and Trusted Candidates

Need to get the word out about an important new role that you would like to fill? Searching for a few more candidates as you are wrapping interviews? Tired of being disappointed  by hiring sites that provide less that satisfactory candidates  and would rather find trusted candidates within your network? If you answered YES to any of these questions, creating LinkedIn posts about a job may be a good option for you, here are some examples of simple LinkedIn posts that can bring in great candidates:

Note: When writing posts about jobs you are hiring for, be sure to stay informal and casual as it makes the idea of reaching out to you about that job opening more accessible and less intimidating. To keep it casual, be sure to avoid formal job descriptions and avoid long lists of candidate requirements that may scare a candidate off or be too long that it won’t capture their attention.

5. Job Board Round-Up Posts Are Great For Updating Your Network on What Roles You Have Open

Posting weekly (or bi-weekly) roundups of some of the highlights of your job board can be a really great way to get open roles in front of a lot of people quickly! Here at PACE, our recruiters like to do these types of posts and keep them organized by location. Here is an example of what a weekly job board round-up would look like from a recruiter:

Good morning LinkedIn network! Here are some open roles we are recruiting for here at PACE currently, feel free to reach out if you (or someone in your network) is interested!



Senior Administrative Assistant

Accounts Payable Specialist

Communication Specialist

Business Development Manager




Customer Support Engineer

International Sales Manager

Project Manager

Recruiting Coordinator

Accounting Operations Manager



We hope that with these steps your hiring campaigns will bring greater results faster and will help you avoid costly recruiting measures! Have you used LinkedIn to recruit? Leave your tips and tricks below in the comments section![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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