3 Ways to Make Monday’s Awesome!

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]For some people “looking forward to Mondays” is the real deal.  And you know who I mean.   That friend who leaves the Sunday Night pizza party so they can get a head start on Monday.  That roommate who just can’t stop talking about their job and how much fun they are having “at work.”   That friend of a friend who is always trying to recruit you to come to work on his team.

These people are obviously part of the LFTM bunch – they genuinely like Mondays.

You’d like to do the same, but for any number of reasons haven’t quite reached that stage in your business or professional life.   Your job 6 years ago was all about “going to work”, “earning money” – and while the job was described in glowing terms during the interview, it never turned out to be quite the job you hoped it would be.  Your next job was definitely a step up, but your boss just never seemed to buy into how you thought the job should be done…and the tension between the two of you, finally got the best of you.  Your current job looks good on paper, but you frequently find the company treating its employees and its customers in ways that don’t quite match how you think “people” should be treated.  Bottom line you’ve had 3 great jobs in the last 6 years, but you’re still not part of that LFTM’s crowd.

Here are three things you should think about before you move into your next job…or even before you start your next job search.

  1. Focus Your Career Choices on Jobs that are the “Right Fit” for you.   No question, people who are in jobs that “fit”,  are almost always part of that LTFM’s group.  They are doing work that fits their natural strengths, they like what their company does or produces,  they are personally challenged by the types of problems they face daily, they genuinely like and respect the people they work with. They can hardly wait for Mondays to do more of it.

Take this stuff for granted?  You shouldn’t.  Studies show as few as 1 in 10 employees believe they are doing work that either plays to their strengths or allows them to work in areas they are passionate about.

So before you say “yes” to your next job offer because it offers an impressive job title and a big pay increase, take a moment to consider the following questions important to finding a job that is the “right fit” for you:

  • Is this company doing something/producing something that I can be proud to be a part of?
  • Does the actual work content require me to be good at things I know I’m good at?
  • How much of this job requires me to do things I know I’m not good at, and don’t enjoy?
  • Will I get the type and level of challenge from this job that I need?
  • Is my boss someone who I would aspire to be like?
  • Can I see myself making friends with the group I would be working with?
  • Can I get to and from work in a time frame that allows me to maintain my family obligations, my outside interests and friends?
  • What are the company’s most important values, and what do they do to make sure they “walk their talk”?

We think finding a job that is the “right fit” for you – is one of the best ways to become part of the LFTM group.

  1. Place a High Value on Mentor-ship.  As recruiters we know the paradox a lot of job seekers face when they know what they want to do, but just don’t have the right skills or experience to be selected.  They can’t get the job they want without experience;  they can’t get the experience they need without the job.  What is often overlooked by employees who financially can’t afford the costs of formal schooling, is the opportunity for “schooling” right in their own back yards – oftentimes delivered by a boss, a senior leader, or even just a peer who is motivated by helping their team members grow.

A great mentor – someone who knows the ropes and is willing to take you under their wing  –                      is one of the “priceless” components of any job offer.  And unfortunately it rarely gets talked                        about in the interviewing process or is recognized for the value it actually delivers.  We                                  recommend that if you truly want to look forward to Mondays without regrets or worries, look for              work you know you’ll love doing, but also a boss who prioritizes the “people” side of their                              business.

  1. Join the Right Team. Help Them Be Successful! What goes around comes around, and there is no better way to look forward to Monday’s than becoming part of a group of employees who loves what they do and who they do it with. In fact a whole team of LFTM’s people turns into a self perpetuating LFTM’s group.  It attracts other LFTM’s people, who in turn,  build on each other’s success.  While your work team is not your family team, when it comes to Monday’s the “right” team can make a big difference in how you feel about showing up.


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