10 Signs You Are Likely Going to Receive a Job Offer


If you’ve ever left an interview feeling unsure of how it went from the interviewer’s perspective or uncertain if you will be receiving an offer, you are not alone.

While a job interview can often solidify your confidence that a particular workplace will be a good fit for you or not, hiring managers are tough to get a read on and don’t often give you insight into how they are feeling about your candidacy.

The good news is that with a couple of tips and tricks, you can get a better read on a hiring manager and gain some clarity as to if you are likely to receive an offer! 

These key indicators will ensure you aren’t left with that uneasy, nerve wracking feeling we’ve all felt after leaving a job interview that propels us to spend the following days anxiously sitting by the phone or excessively checking your email for a response.


Here are the 10 most common (and subtle) signs a job offer is on it’s way:


A Spontaneous Office Tour or Meeting Current Employees  


Hiring managers and employees are busy – they certainly wouldn’t waste their time with these activities as a courtesy if there wasn’t a significant chance they will be bringing you on the team!


When Discussing Job Responsibilities and Daily Duties, They Use the Word ‘You’


This one shows that they are already envisioning you in the role! Another good sign along the same lines – if they say “you will” rather than “you would”. In their mind, they’ve already brought you on when they shift from hypothetical language to assumptive speak.


Conversation Flows Easily and The Interview Runs Longer Than Scheduled


Do you feel that your conversation has verged away from their initial interview questions in a positive way where you are truly and authentically connecting with the interviewer? This could be a good sign – a pre-scripted Q&A that doesn’t encourage conversation and a lack of engagement to really get to know you on the interviewers behalf are common in interviews so when the conversation is a true connection, you can see this as a great indicator!  


They Are Actively Selling You on The Company


Do you hear employees and your interviewer getting into marketing mode and constantly mentioning cool employee perks (Free snacks, swag, and donut Friday’s!) and touting the company’s accomplishments? This often means they are trying to convince you to join their company! 


You Are Asked About Your Job Seeking Status


If an interviewer asks about “how many irons you have in the fire” or if you are actively interviewing anywhere else, they want to know what their competition is and how they can maintain their competitiveness among the other employers you are interviewing with –  i.e. you are a serious contender and they do not want to lose you. 


The Interviewer Asks How They Can Best Reach You


While in a competitive candidate landscape, employers are increasingly cautious of “ghosting” and are concerned with losing candidates, so this one could be a formality but…. It can also be an indicator that they want to make sure they have a way to reach you as they are taking your candidacy very seriously


You Are Asked When Your Available to Start Work or If You Need to Provide 2 Weeks Notice at Your Current Workplace


You know they are getting serious about bringing you on when they ask about your timeline to start work and if you will need to give notice to your current employer!


Body Language is Always the Best Indicator


Our body language is tough to mask – if you’re experiencing relaxed posture, genuine smiles, warm handshakes and a sense of attentiveness – it’s a good sign! This can not only make you feel more comfortable but also increase your confidence that you are crushing the interview!


Pay Attention to the Follow-Up Email


Do they simply thank you for your time and reaffirm that they’ll be giving you a decision on a previously mentioned date? Or do they go beyond to provide genuine reasoning of why they enjoyed meeting you and make extra effort to ensure they are not going to lose you in the meantime to another employer?


They Request and Contact Your References 


If the interview didn’t go well and they aren’t planning on hiring you, they sure won’t bother requesting reference information and investing time into contacting them to confirm their understanding of your capabilities and knowledge!



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