Should You Apply for a Job When You Meet Only 70% of the Requirements? I Think You Should.


Do you find yourself scanning over yet another job description with requirements that include nearly everything and the kitchen sink? (Or, more accurately, “SEO, email marketing, affiliate marketing, copywriting, CRM management, data analytics and 8+ years of experience in a very niche field”

Job seekers (especially those early in their career) have become increasingly frustrated with job descriptions that are a laundry list of requirements that are difficult to imagine being encompassed in one person. Recent college graduates with limited or only intern experience have it the hardest – a quick search on LinkedIn jobs displays how “entry level” now equates to “3+ year of experience” plus a long list of job skills (meaning those that can’t be taught within education).

Potential applicants are left curious, many thinking “Wow, this is a reach…” or “Is it worth my time to apply?”. 

I think you should apply. Why? The HR or hiring manager wrote the description before interviewing candidates and getting a feel for what the market looks like for the candidate profile they are seeking. Job descriptions are a wish list with every possible skill they could ever possibly need and want. Over the course of accepting and interviewing candidates, HR or hiring managers will identify which “must haves” will become “nice to haves” based on the skills and experiences of the candidates (like you!) – and realizing the candidate profile listed on the job description can’t exist within one person!

Crafting job descriptions that are well beyond what is practical and attainable even in “employer” job markets (economic downturn or high unemployment) is a very common recruiting and HR practice. As they think about this role more deeply and who will fill it, aspects and priorities of the role will change inevitably, meaning it is likely you will be a serious contender for the role despite having only 70% of what is listed on the job description. This practice is an excellent retention strategy because it leaves room for professional growth so your employees don’t feel professionally stagnant or bored!

Also, in today’s job market, employers are competing amongst each other within the algorithms of job posting websites meaning job descriptions are overloaded with keywords and click-bait in hopes of reeling in fitting candidates. By casting a wide net digitally, employers expect to gather a wide variety of diverse candidates all meeting different requirements within the job description to screen for the role.

If you end up interviewing for the role, be transparent and confident by reviewing the job description with the interviewer and explaining what requirements you meet and why you are excited to learn the others on the job!



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