How We Lead At Times Like This – Matters!

Our leadership team just circulated  this great article by Thame Bellomo in a digital news sheet called Chief Learning Officer.  While its the norm to talk about leadership as being courageous in the face of uncertainty, Thame brought up a few points about the role of leadership in developing people that don’t always get mentioned that are worth sharing….

  1. Be aware that many of the people you are leading are not going to be on their best game.  Set your expectation bar low and don’t be discouraged when it gets bumped up against from time to time.  Your people are nervous; they have issues that are impacting them personally.  Don’t be afraid to engage with them on things that matter to them, even if its decisions you are making that are rubbing them the wrong way.


  1. Pay attention to signs of leadership, even if not coming from the places where its formally expected.   You’ll notice employees who others turn to for inspiration and support.  Employees who tackle big tasks with even more enthusiasm than ever before.  There will also be leaders on your team who have never been in this kind of situation before and don’t quite now how to behave.    “Your role is not to find fault, but to coach and and correct to see what others are capable of.”  Pay attention….this is a great time to notice, support and coach the gems inside your team!


  1. Use this time to “assess your culture”. Most of us are experiencing our teams at their best – doing heroic stuff that can only make us proud. But also pay attention to what you’re seeing as those  “how we do things around here” habits that you might want to talk more about after the crisis is over.  Watch, listen, learn.

The article ended with a challenge:  “If you are a leader, a moment has arrived that will allow you to be the kind of leader who people want to work and sacrifice for.”  Yes, its as simple as that.


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