…and we want to thank our clients who have continued to keep our temporary employees on assignment – even when we know you have to be wondering – what’s next.

To date, PACE has not  had any of our temporary employees become ill with COVD – 19 but as you might imagine most are either working from home on high impact work or have been temporarily laid off by our clients who simply no longer had no need for their services.   Unfortunately many of our clients have had to postpone hiring or to end temporary or even contracted assignments early simply because there wasn’t enough work to keep our employees busy or enough revenue to retain extra staff.    Even our many healthcare clients who are facing the impact of  the governors mandate to eliminate elective surgeries, are being impacted.

As a local business with small business status, PACE has applied for a Payroll Protection loan but we are yet to hear whether or not our temporary employees can be covered.  We hope so.

We have a several clients who are considered essential businesses and are keeping our employees working.  One of our medical device clients self quarantined themselves after a threat of COVID exposure, but they put our employees back to work after 1-2 weeks of closure.   We share that story because we  want you to know the temporary workforce is a hardy group…..always ready to work when needed.

We are staying closely in touch with all of our employees on assignment hem to make sure they are safe and staying healthy.

Obviously, PACE has no PLAY Book for what lies ahead.

We do know we will recover…which is what Americans do…..and we are making some best guesses as to what that recovery might look like for you but are also talking with all of our clients to get your lay of the land.  We know it will be important to spend time now getting ready for what we think is likely going to be the employment landscape when the curtain rises and we’re back at it.

In full transparency, nothing in our crystal ball suggests that the V shaped recovery that some leaders want to predict is going to be our Northwest reality.  We don’t anticipate a shortage of employees in any job category for a long while but do suspect that some of employees will take advantage of this lull to move out of the area – going back to locations where the cost of living is less.   From where we sit, we see the pull out from our economic challenges looking a lot like the pull out from our virus challenges – lots of unknowns and volatility, with flexibility and adaptability, not fixed plans or clear paths.

We do believe that many of our clients will favor the use of temporary staffing solutions (as opposed to direct hire staffing solutions) during the pull out.  In fact, we think temporary staffing will be that canary in the mine shaft – signalling where we are in our recovery.  What we’ve already experienced is that  interim (temp, contract)  employees have been very hard hit by COVID – for some of our colleagues ranging between a 10 – 75% reduction in employees placed into temporary roles.

The good news is that employees willing to work in interim, flexible roles, are likely be the first to be invited back when the economy starts to recover. We will keep you posted on the demand for temporary staffing as that demand will tell us a lot of the story.

Here’s what we’re doing now to get ready for what lies ahead for you…

  1. We’re building our data base of employees ready to go to work as soon as its safe. Because PACE is still working even though in a fully virtual environment – we’re making contact with the thousands of employees in our data base – getting them ready to accept new job opportunities when the time is right.


  1. We’re anticipating that your earliest requests will be for temporary or interim staffing – situations where certain work just needs to be done but for how long, you’re not sure.   We are encouraging our candidates to consider all opportunities for work…..reminding them of the opportunities they might find to secure the “right job for them” using an auditioning process.   This pull out,  like all economic recoveries, will provide an opportunity for small and medium sized employers to pick up high quality employees by hiring them first into interim roles where you get to see how they work and what they contribute before hiring them direct.    


  1. To support your need for flexible staffing solutions, we’re also offering our Employer of Record services at significantly discounted rates.  Employer or Record services are what we do for clients who have already found the candidate they want to hire (maybe even a former employee) but are reluctant to make a long term commitment to hire them directly.   Employer of Record services are payroll services on steroids – we hire your employee, administer their benefits, and pay them weekly at a significantly reduced temporary staffing bill rate. Dealing with a hiring freeze?  Or not sure how you can pay a valuable resource you need for a project?   E of R services can be that easy, hands free hiring solution you need.  Even if you know you need to hire and have found an employee who you think would be a good hire, we can hire them for you, assign them back to you for a 2-4 month auditioning period  – just to be sure.


  1. We’re augmenting our candidate selection processes to identify specific candidate qualities most amendable to work from home options. The remote workforce grew exponentially almost over night.  Most employers and employees were not prepared for that shift…and what we’re finding is that not not all employees or employers are equally equipped to make that shift – at least not easily.  We want to help our clients get clear on what to look for when hiring someone to “work from home”  One of the groups we belong to that is formalizing these “work from home” profiles is Success Performance Solutions.  Info about the ideal “work from home candidate profile” can be found here.  https://www.successperformancesolutions.com/remote-worker-profile/


  1. We’re ready to help you find, evaluate and hire the right candidates virtually. Every step of our staffing process has been operating virtually now for over five years.  We source, conduct screening interviews, administer skill and aptitude assessments, check references, do background screens and onboard candidates virtually.  While we know that many of you are having to work around hiring freezes in place, those of you who are still hiring to keep up with customer demands, are faced with some new challenges. We’ll help you make that change EASY!


To the managers and HR professionals who are overseeing the people sides of your businesses please know that we are here for you.  In fact you are our heroes – working  under pressure to keep your current employees focused and productive all while figuring out what staffing will look like for your organization in the future.  Lots of unknowns.

We want to be ready to help and support you when its time to get your company back to  work.  Our newsletters will be filled with information about the local job market and hiring trends – we want to keep you connected and informed!  

If you have specific needs for any type of recruiting, candidate screening or selection services – now or in anticipation of a bigger brighter future – give our partner solutions team a call at 425-637 3312.  PACE services are always custom designed to fit your service needs and budget.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]g[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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