We’re Here For You!


…and want to keep you up to date with what’s going on at PACE and what’s next as we whether the COVID-19 storm together!


In this time of uncertainty and confusion as to what our futures will look like – both personally and professionally – we have done our best to let you know about our current and future plans. Obviously, PACE has no crystal ball to look into the future and no playbook for what lies ahead but we have maintained a close eye on what our government and health officials are communicating to businesses like ours, collaborated with our staffing partners nationally to share insights about what our post-COVID future will likely be and of course stayed in great communication with our employer clients to be able to gain our best understanding of how to plan for the future. 


Most of our client partnerships go back decades and we value these relationships more than ever as we mutually cope with the effects that the epidemic has put on our businesses. We are able to get an understanding of how they have been impacted, how their business is currently operating in the midst of the Stay at Home order, and gain an idea of what types of roles they will be hiring for and the types of staffing needs they will have post-COVID.


With all of the unpredictability in the world today, we do know one thing for sure – our employer clients know that when they are ready to hire, we’ve got “just right” candidates like you ready to fill the role! 


Here’s what we’re doing now to get ready for what lies ahead:



  • We’re building our database of employees ready to go to work as soon as it’s safe. The PACE team has been busy getting our database up to date with current resumes and helpful documentation for our recruiters to let them know what type of work you are looking for so we can get you back to work FAST as soon as it is safe to do so.




  • We’re anticipating that our client’s first requests post-COVID will be for temporary or interim staffing. Many of our clients have faced economic hardship and uncertainty throughout the Coronavirus outbreak and don’t have the budget or are under a hiring freeze as they rebuild. During this time, they will be turning to temporary or interim staffing more than ever so we are proactively gathering our committed ‘temps’ to get you ready for these roles!




  • We know that many of our client’s workplaces won’t be the same after the epidemic and they are taking extra precautions. Many employers are not going to be returning to the office so quickly and in the same numbers, but rather, having portions of their workforce working remotely until the virus is completely eradicated as an extra precaution – this is especially true for large companies that have thousands of employees working at a particular worksite. We’re augmenting our hiring process to identify specific qualities in our candidates that are most amenable to work from home options. If you’ve got work from home experience, be sure to let us know!




  • We are able to hire 100% virtually – keeping both you and our clients safe! Our foremost priority is the health of our candidates and we know that in-person recruiting is not a comfortable or safe option right now or in the near future. PACE has done the majority of its recruiting processes virtually years before the Coronavirus outbreak but is now able to conduct interviews, administer skill and aptitude assessments, check references, do background screens and get you onboarded 100% virtually!




  • We are investing time into personally calling our current, former and potential employees. Don’t be surprised if you get a phone call from a member of the PACE team! With more time on our hands, our recruiting team has been calling you to see how you are doing throughout the epidemic to make sure that you and your family are safe as well as let you know that you are on our minds for our post-COVID job opportunities.  



We would like to thank our wonderful, talented employees – past, present and future – for continuing to follow PACE. We hope to be an excellent resource for you when it comes to upcoming job opportunities and keeping you up to date with the health of our local job market. Stay tuned for regular updates and how our plans are playing out!


As always, we wish you and your loved ones continued safety and health as we collectively make daily efforts to support the spread of the virus and positively rebuild our lives post-COVID.


If you have any questions about PACE’S post-Coronavirus plans or would like to update your profile in our database to be ready for upcoming hiring, give our Candidate Services team a call at (425) 637-3311.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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