The “Temp to Hire” Audition – A Great Way for Northwest Job Seekers to Find that “Just Right Job”

Temp to Hire Placement Opportunities Can Be That Foot in the Door!

Need to go to work quickly but don’t want to accept just any old job?  Want to by pass all those time consuming steps in a lengthy hiring process?

A “temp to hire” job oportunity is likely a good fit for you….and fortunately is going to be an increasingly popular way for employers to hire over the next 3-6-12 months during the post covid BUILD BACK!  When you work for an employer in a “temporary” role, you not only get to by pass many steps in the hiring process, but you also minimize the risk of getting yourself in the wrong job, going to work for the wrong employer.  Both employers and job seekers get a chance to check each other out – before they say their final “I do’s!”

As employers look to their temporary employees first when its time to hire, more and more job seekers are viewing temporary jobs that they get thru a temporary staffing agency as a way to land that just right permanent role.

Staffing Industry Analysts, an organization that tracks staffing trends,  reports that 1/3 of temporary assignments thru a temporary staffing agency end up being a permanent hire.   Our company is very active in the Northwest job market and close to 40% of the temporary employees we place on assignment end up working full time for one of our clients.  

Temporary assignments that are actually on-the-job work auditions offer significant upsides for both job seekers and employers.

For employees, you get to go to work quickly, earning money while you are checking out a job and a work environment before making a final commitment. In some cases, we’ve seen these workplace auditions become ways for employees to save themselves from the heartbreak of finding themselves in the wrong job!  In others, we’ve seen employees land the jobs of their dreams by being willing to audition as a temporary employee.

Employers also have benefits.  They get to “test drive” an employee before offering them a job, eliminating the unwanted turnover that often happens in the first 90 days of employment.

The added benefit for the job seeker is they get to earn money while checking out their future work environment plus they often get exposed to new opportunities to develop skills or experience that will enhance their resume.

As a job seeker your stated goal of finding permanent employment does not need to change.

When you register for placement we want to know that your goal is find permanent employment…which is why we’ll look for places to put you to work that we know hire our “temps” regularly.  70% of the employees we put to work on temporary or contract assignments report that they are looking for permanent work.

A series of temporary assignments  can expose job seekers to a range of jobs and employers and in many cases will introduce you to employers who only use on the job auditions as their recruiting model.  In other words these are jobs and employers you wouldn’t be exposed to except thru a temp to hire audition.

Job seekers might be surprised by the number of employers who do the large majority of their direct hire recruiting using the services of temporary staffing companies – we’re that way “in the door” to some of the best places to work in the Pacific Northwest.   

For employers who rely on a temp to hire recruiting strategy,  permanent job offers are almost always the outcome of a working audition.

In our case, well over 80% of our formal auditions result in a job offer.  In those situations  where the temporary assignment was not tagged up front as a temp to hire audition, many  of our clients end up hiring our temporary employees anyway.  In fact about 40% of our temporary employees land permanent jobs by working first as a temp.  Many employers  maintain their temporary employee pool strictly for that reason – keeping close the employees they want to hire quickly when the time is right!

The PACE Staffing Network, has been helping job seekers use their temporary assignments as a way to gain permanent employment for over 40 years.

To check out how a temp to hire audition might work for you, contact our Candidate Services team at or call us at 425-637-3311.

PACE Staffing Network is one of the Puget Sound’s premier staffing /recruiting agencies and has been helping  Northwest job seekers find their “just right” jobs for over 40 years.

A  4 time winner of the coveted “Best in Staffing” designation , PACE is ranked in the top 2% of staffing agencies nationwide based on annual surveys of customer satisfaction.

PACE provides multiple placement options….

  • Direct Placement – Full or Part Time
  • Temp to Hire Auditions
  • Short or Long Term Temporary or Contract Assignments – Full or Part Time

Our services for job seekers include….

  • Resume reviews and consultations
  • Access to the “Hidden Job Market”
  • Insider intros to TOP Employers HIRING NOW
  • Confidential Job Searches
  • Professional Career Guidance

There is NEVER A FEE for using our services. 

For employees who work for us directly in either a temporary or contract role, we provide weekly pay,  paid absence and healthcare benefits . 

To learn more about how registering with PACE can open doors to a full range of PACE placement services and  introductions to local employers hiring now,  contact PACE’s candidate services team at 425-637-3311 or e mail candidates services at

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