What Do Post-COVID Flexible Staffing Trends Mean for Employees?


The COVID-19 epidemic marked the abrupt end to a candidate driven job market with minuscule unemployment…

After enduring a global pandemic and economic downturn has shifted our local job market, candidates and employees are left wondering what options they have when launching a job search. We’ve assembled our strongest insights into what the post-COVID job market will look like for those in our Northwest community!

What Does All This Mean for Employees?

Be ready for a job market that rewards those who are persistent and aren’t afraid to compromise now for long-term career success! Expect flexible employment jobs to be most prominent on job postings and be open to Temporary and Temp-to-Hire!

Persistence Wins in This Job Market

Entering into our new employer driven job market, candidates must take a proactive approach to job searching – gone are the days of letting a job come to you! You’ll need to be extra organized and set daily or weekly metrics for your job search to ensure you are visible on the job market! Whereas a couple of months ago when an active job search entailed submitting 5-10 applications a week and doing a handful of interviews – today, an active job seeker will most likely need to do double the amount of work!

What else has changed about the way you conduct a post-COVID job search? You may need to compromise your expectations in order to find work. Job openings have dropped to all time lows and unemployment is at all time highs, making it difficult for even the most talented candidates to find work. You may also not get your preference of industry or specific role type – instead aim for essential industries that have been less affected by the COVID epidemic and open yourself up to a wide range of potential career options!

Be Ahead of the Next Wave of Job Seekers

With a $600 weekly bonus being paid out on top of unemployment benefits incentivizing job seekers to stay home during the COVID-19 epidemic rather than actively seek work, there will be less competition for jobs until the end of July when these unemployment benefits are reduced. Our best tip? Be ahead of the wave of new job seekers entering the market! 

Additionally, employers will appreciate that you took the initiative to continue with your career and stay committed to your personal growth despite layoffs and employment hardships – this type of persistence is who they want on their team! 

Don’t Be Surprised if Most Open Jobs Are Temporary or Temp-to-Hire!

Here in the Northwest, employers are navigating the post-COVID build back and are now responsible for driving the job market. With uncertain futures and less resources than previously, they are searching for flexible options when hiring by displaying a sharp preference for bringing on new employees on a temporary basis to not risk any potential of rendering costly hiring mistakes if the employee does not work out.

Employers heavily value that highly-skilled employees can enter their business, make an exceptional impact and hold significant responsibility on a temporary basis. Today, the treatment and responsibility given to temporary employees is nearly identical to those of employees hired directly as employers often have every intention of bringing on temporary employees permanently! 

Flexible Employment Doesn’t Just Save Money – It Saves Career Mistakes!

Flexible employment models are rooted in the 2008 recession and is a strategy that benefits both employees and employers! The 3+ million people that go to work everyday as a temporary or contract employee make up one of the fastest growing segments of the job market and enjoy substantial career and lifestyle benefits!

Before employees and employers enter a long-term relationship, you get to make sure it’s the perfect fit! Flexible employees endure less career mistakes when it comes to choosing the right workplace for their specific needs as they have the ability to check out several employers as places to work before you tie yourself down to one job and one employer. You can avoid the risk of starting a new job and coming to the realization that it’s just not a great fit for you. With the Temp-to-Hire model, you will already have a full understanding of the company’s culture, your boss’s leadership style, the connection you will have with your co-workers and know how long your commute to work will be! This confidence in knowing that a workplace is the right place for you by the time you accept an offer is immeasurably valuable to your career fulfillment!  

Firstly, flexible employment brings the opportunity to expand your resume. You’ll pick up new skills and work experiences that help diversify your candidacy and leave yourself open to a multitude of career opportunities going forward!

Working a temporary or temp-to-hire role is a great way to earn money while in between jobs or during those times when life is changing and you need to stay “flexible”. Whether you have young children that may need your time, a spouse that could be relocated or any other personal need that leaves your future time and location availability up in the air, a temporary or temp-to-hire role can be a great solution for reliable, short-term employment!   

Popular among millennials, the ‘gig’ lifestyle allows for employees to allow their outside of work interests to drive their careers and maintain a strong preference for jobs with no long term commitment. Flexible employees enjoy the opportunity to create a lifestyle that is more about free time and flexibility than fixed commitments. One of the best parts about becoming a “temp” is that you get to choose when and whom you work for.

Most importantly, these roles provide a way to keep work exciting and challenging, always changing – never boring! Does the idea of choosing a field at the beginning of your career and being confined to a more defined area to grow your career sound boring? Career growth does not need to be linear – with flexible employment options, you’ll be able to work in a diverse set of workplaces and learn all types of new skills! 

Think Flexible Employment is a great solution for your career and lifestyle needs? Give our team a call at 425-637-3311 and we’ll get you back to work!


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