Meet Our Newest Recruiter, Jazmyn Seipp!


Our Team is Growing!

We are so thrilled to introduce the newest PACE recruiter, Jazmyn Seipp. Jazmyn is a recent graduate of Grand Canyon University with a degree in Marketing and Business Management. After beginning a career in Email Marketing and Social Media, her passion shifted to Talent Acquisition where she enjoyed the personal connection and impact she made in each candidate’s life. Jazmyn says “Recruiters can make a huge impact on someone’s life. Being able to connect people with work is so rewarding especially when a candidate expresses their gratitude. I believe my purpose in life Is to help people and recruiting gives me purpose and makes me feel valued.”

In searching for a permanent role upon graduating, Jazmyn was drawn to PACE for the team dynamic and the way PACE builds relationships with candidates. In starting her new role, Jazmyn says “What I am most excited about is that I get to work with an incredible group of people that I look up to. Every person that I have met has been welcoming, supportive, caring, and hardworking. That is everyone’s dream team. I always think to myself  How did I get so lucky to be so young and land an opportunity like this? I can see myself working at PACE for the rest of my life!”

PACE candidates can rely on Jazmyn going the extra mile in supporting their job searches, “If a candidate doesn’t land a role they applied for, they can expect me to continue searching for another role. I love working with people and I truly care for the candidates I work with.”

Jazmyn was born & raised here in the Pacific Northwest and is familiar with the local job market despite coming from a national recruiting role, “I am so excited to be working in the local marketplace where I can help candidates in our community find jobs within the Northwest’s Best Places to Work!”

Outside of work, Jazmyn enjoys going to farmers markets, trying new local restaurants, going to festivals & events, and spending time with friends and family here in the Greater Seattle area.

We are so thrilled to have you on the team, Jazmyn. Here’s to many exciting years ahead at PACE!

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