Meet our Employee of the Month, Marjorie!

Since August 2021, Marjorie has been working as a Call Center Representative with a leading credit union here in Washington. She’s been such a valuable asset for the company with her stellar customer service skills, bilingual speaking abilities, and being such as reliable representative for their member base. We are so grateful to have such a talented and dependable employee on the PACE team and we can’t thank Marjorie enough for her hard work. We are so thrilled that Marjorie is our employee of the month!

Marjorie has made such an impact in her role that the company decided to bring her on permanently just last week! Now Marjorie will be able to continue providing members with excellent service in a role that she loves!

Enjoy this Q&A with Marjorie to learn more about her!

Tell us in a couple sentences about your role and what you enjoy most about it!

My role as a Call Center Representative is mostly about financial assistance and helping with issues on member’s accounts including credit cards. I enjoy most about my work the relationships I build with our members an making them feel that they have been assisted by an expert.

How has your current role impacted your career path in the long term?

My current role has been a real impact in my career since there is so many financial terms and stuff I didn’t know previously. Even though I had my own accounts before, this role has helped me out to learn how to manage my own financials.

Have you picked up any new skills in your role?

Yes, I have, one of them is helping our branch as a translator for our Spanish community and learning the relation you have with a member face-to-face has been impactful.

Is this your first assignment working for a staffing company? What are the benefits of working for a staffing company like PACE in your opinion?

Yes, it’s my first time, and one of the benefits in my opinion is that you always will have an assignment that will match with you personally and where you can show your great skills. I would like to add the support I have always received since the first day I started with PACE Staffing Network is incredible, I like how they always check on you and how you are doing.

What has your experience been like working for PACE? How often does your recruiter keep in touch?

I love Pace Staffing Network, this company has changed my life and I am always going to be grateful since the day I was contacted by you folks with this job offer. This was the most wonderful experience in my life, the professionalism and the great support it’s a different level. They make you feel important and valued at the same time!

My recruiter was always in touch with me every other week to check how I was doing, how it was working, how I was feeling with the job position. I will say Mike Gunther (my recruiter) is a very kind and great person to work with and he didn’t make a bad decision when he choose me between the other people because he knew I was a great fit for the position. I have doing my best to make sure Mike Gunther and Pace Staffing know they choose the right person.

Thank you Pace Staffing Network! You are always going to be deep in my heart and I will always recommend you to my family and every single person I know because working for this company it’s simply GREAT!

What do you enjoy spending your time doing outside of work?

I do enjoy spending time with my son, my cat and my family, but I also must add working out. It’s always going to be on my list!


Learn More About Marjorie & What It’s Like Being a Call Center Representative in Our Interview Below!

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