Meet our Employee of the Month, Sharmaine!

Since March, Sharmaine has worked as a Purchasing Assistant for a large pediatric hospital in Seattle where she has consistently received raved reviews from her supervisor! She was quick to make a positive impact in her role that she was shortly given increased responsibilities and pay. Sharmaine has proven herself to be reliable, easy to work with, communicative and always provides positive feedback when her PACE recruiter checks in with her while on assignment. We couldn’t be more thankful for Sharmaine!

Enjoy this Q&A with Sharmaine to learn more about her!

Tell us in a couple sentences about your role and what you enjoy most about it!

In my role, I work primarily as the facilities buyer. This consists of issuing purchase orders for building maintenance, and items to keep the hospital and clinics stocked. I’m also fortunate to learn and back up my team for medical buying and leading team meetings.

How has your current role impacted your career path in the long term?

This is my first professional experience being a buyer in a hospital setting and these last few months have really shown me that this is something I want to pursue long-term. Knowing that I am helping keep a healthcare facility up and running makes me excited to go to work everyday.

Have you picked up any new skills in your role?

I have learned to use a new ERP system as well as learning the buying system for one of our major suppliers, Medline.

Are you from the Pacific NW?

I am born and raised here in Western Washington, very proud to be able to progress my career in Washington.

Is this your first assignment working for a staffing company? What are the benefits of working for a staffing company like PACE in your opinion?

This is my first ever assignment with PACE Staffing and my first assignment is extremely successful. I know it’s not like that for everyone which makes it great to start working with PACE. If an assignment isn’t the right fit you have the ability to determine that with a recruiter and move on to something that may be a better fit.

What has your experience been like working for PACE? How often does your recruiter keep in touch?

My experience has been great working for PACE. Communication is very easy and accessible. My recruiter reaches out to me on a weekly basis to check in with me. Pace is a great place to get started in a profession.

What do you enjoy spending your time doing outside of work?

I enjoy spending time with my daughter, we both love to dance so we are always finding music to get down to!


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