What Changes Are In Play for 2024?

Getting Your Staffing and Recruiting Solutions in Place for  2024!

I love January….that time each year where we clear our heads of all those things that we did or did not do in the year just completed,  and get excited about what we can start, stop, or do differently in the year to come.  As our team here at PACE went thru our prep work for 2024, we felt we had a more clarity about what lies ahead for 2024 than what we had trying to prepare for in 2023.

With the usual caveats about “no crystal ball”, here’s some of the things we think we know about 2024…

  • We’re pretty darn sure that 2024 will show a noticeable leveling out in job growth.  We either are already experiencing or will soon experience that promised soft landing.  Small to medium sized companies, in particular, are likely to put growth plans on hold as they hunker down to see what will happen in an election year. We think the time is right for all employers to look for more flexible ways to get work done and minimize the number of new commitments to more staff.  But hey, we recommended the same changes last year.
  • We’re also pretty sure that the Great Resignation has (finally) come to an end. Yes, we still have issues with workforce participation (its lower now than at any time in the last decade), but at least the folks who have been quitting their jobs because they knew they could find another, are re-thinking that option.
  • The quality of the people you employee (and hire) will still provide a source of competitive advantage.  Particularly for smaller companies each employee on the team, temp or core, has to be right.  The pressure to hire right started in 2023, will continue into 2024 and we’re comfortable guessing that we’ll see more turnover coming from employers no longer able (or willing) to work around substandard performers.
  • We’re also predicting that a noticeable component of what’s new in the employment marketplace will come from newly resurrected or reconfigured roles in sales, account management and biz development.  In a stagnant or down facing economy, the work of retaining current customers and finding new ones requires specific talents or skills that don’t get fine tuned when business is easy.  Business won’t be easy in 2024.
  • We’ve already seen a shift in skill requirements for most office/administrative jobs…. with most getting a more techy make over. Thanks to AI, it’s no longer the nerdy folks in the back office who do technology.  We’ll all become more and more techy.
  • The competition for top tier talent is not going away but their employment wish list is changing.  Competitive pay and solid benefit offerings will still get an employer in the game, but employers that know how to engage employees at an emotional level during and after they are hired will be the winners.  The need to contribute, to be challenged are all pieces of the work top talent will be looking for. And yes, all kinds of employees are not going to lighten up on their preference to work from home at least 2-3 days a week.

While these changes won’t happen overnight, because we are the staffing and recruiting arm for so many small to medium sized businesses, we’ve already made our list of what we want to do differently in 2024 in response to these trends.   In fact, we created this blog to share PACE’s new year’s resolutions in the hope of inspiring you to think about your own plans for recruiting and staffing – 2024 style.

Here’s a short list of our 2024 resolutions….

We will embed AI wherever we can into our staffing processes….

Our promise to help our clients staff their organizations with BETTER candidates in FASTER and EASIER ways than any other recruiting/staffing resource requires us to get in bed with all the things AI can do to help us deliver on that promise.  Our goal is to use AI to spend more time vetting fewer candidates.  Make sense?

We will vet candidates based on their ability to deliver results – not just skills and experience.  

As we continue to embed our RESULTS FOCUSED hiring process into everything we do, we’ll be adding new and upgrading old candidate vetting features.  Because every employee matters to our small to medium sized employer clients, we want them to have access to as much information as possible about a candidate’s underlying talents and performance history before they’re hired, before they are even assigned into a temporary role.  Even for employees hired to work in temporary roles, we will develop customized vetting processes that are in alignment with our client’s business needs.

All of our behaviorally based interview assessments have been updated and we’ve added some new and professionally designed APTITUDE ASSESSMENT tools to our evaluation tool kit,  PACE’s vetting processes are built around the belief that it’s a candidate’s underlying talents and their “fit” for the work and cultural aspects of where they work, that  makes a difference to hiring or staffing success.  We want to get good at uncovering talent, not just assessing skills and experience.

We’ll be sticking to our roots – services delivered up close and personally

We already know that AI can only do so much – and that its those up close and personal touches that will seal the deal when it comes to hiring the right employee or putting the right person to work in a high impact temporary role.  And those up close and personal touches will set the tone of how we work with both employer and candidate clients.  An authentic and forthcoming relationship with our employer clients is key to nailing down the right candidate profile.  Engaging a candidate at the first touch in our recruit is key to getting them excited about accepting a job offer from our client.

We will be offering new and budget friendly ways for employers to use us as a true staffing partner! 

We know that most of our client’s recruiting budgets will tighten up 2024. Many employers have already laid off their dedicated internal recruiters.  Our goal is to be ready to fill in the gaps left by these departures with budget conscious temporary staffing, recruiting and hiring solutions designed to save our client’s staffing dollars not spend them.   In the coming months we’ll be introducing some new looks to how we price our staffing and recruiting services incenting them to use our services more rather than increasing their fixed costs.  We’ll also be announcing some new ways to tap into our staffing and recruiting expertise without breaking the bank paying full cycle recruiting fees.

We’ve prioritized the importance of keeping our readers in the know! 

In our very fast changing business environment, we know how important it is for employers to stay in the know about all those things that impact the people side of their businesses.  Our Thought Leader Network, launched in 2021, has evolved to the place in 2024 where have made an internal commitment to send out a featured blog each week to an expanded network of PACE friends and employers who haven’t yet used our services.  These blogs will cover a variety of topics – from the strategic use of temporary staffing to innovative new hiring models, from the best practices in recruiting and hiring to employee retention.  We will not only share our own experience in the Northwest employment market, but also what local and global thought leaders have to say about the future of work.  We do all that reading and research, so you don’t have to.

If you haven’t signed up to participate in our Thought Leader Network, or for some reason are not getting our weekly emails, be sure to let us know at partnerservices@pacestaffing.com.

Final Thoughts…..

We think 2024 is going to be another year of evolutionary change…picking up the pieces of change that didn’t quite get done in 2023.  We’ve made some resolutions on how we want to adapt to the changes we’re anticipating for small to medium sized employers and keep improving what we do and how we do it so our customers never get left behind in their competitive markets.  We encourage our readers to do the same!

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