Introducing a hiring process focused on RESULTS!

Getting clear on the RESULTS you expect from your next hire can make a big difference in who and how you’ll hire! 

When you’re competing for talent in a fast changing candidate market, you can’t afford to spend time chasing candidates who either can’t or won’t deliver the results you need.  If your goal is to hire a high quality candidate, to do that successfully you have to take the time to DEFINE a quality hire.

At PACE, our RESULTS FOCUSED hiring model is all about delivering quality hires.  We use it internally with our own team.  We use it externally with our clients to help them select the right candidate to hire or even to put into a long term temporary assignment.  It has several steps, some of which are all about the science of hiring.  Other steps in our process are more about the intuitive or artistic side of successful hiring.

Our hiring model  differs from other HIRING models  because of its focus on RESULTS.

It was specifically designed to help clients select candidates most able and willing to deliver the results they have determined up front are most important to a quality hire.  It was also designed to enhance how a high talent candidate would experience the hiring journey – not just attracting them to the job but motivating  them to stay engaged throughout the hiring process, to excitedly acceptly our client’s offer of employment,and lastly to get them ready to perform on day one!

This blog is being written to introduce our readers to PACE’s RESULTS-BASED hiring model. We use this model when selecting an employee to refer to a client for hire  or to be assigned into a short or long term temporary role.

  • It is a process that starts with the need to get clear on the results the hiring manager has determined is important for a successful hire to achieve.
  • It involves a vetting process that includes engaging with the candidate on those results and finding out how they think they would achieve them if offered the chance.   
  • It is a model that includes multiple screening, evaluation and assessment activities designed to provide the hiring manager with the information they need to predict which candidate is most likely to turn into a quality hire! 
  • It also becomes a strategy for retention since it prioritizes underlying talents that can be developed over time,  not just here and now skills.       

The PACE team has been using our RESULTS BASED hiring model for over a decade

Whether our client needs to find a temporary powerhouse or hire a key player for a pivotal role, we help them define what an employee needs to deliver to be considered a quality hire, and then we help them find and id the candidates who fit that mold.  We’ve recently added some new features to the process so wanted to update our description of the journey – the steps our clients will experience along the way.

To give full credit where its due – the inspiration for this model came from staffing guru, Lou Adler, and what he calls a Performance Based hiring process. Here are the key steps in our version of Mr. Adler’s model, with some intermittent comments that support our decision to call it RESULTS BASED:

#1 Pre Hire Homework

Getting clear about the actual work and what a hiring manager expects a successful hire to deliver, represents a big chunk of the homework we do with each client before we launch the recruit. This HOMEWORK is the first and most important component of any hiring project.

One of the reasons why our hiring model is considered Results Based, is that instead of dusting off an old job description that typically houses a long list of work to be done and an equally long list of “hiring requirements”, we help our clients turn that list of tasks into descriptions of the results those tasks are intended to achieve.  Our goal is to be able to talk with potential candidates not just about what they will be doing post hire, or IF they have the qualifications to do the job, but what they are expected to achieve.  We think that focus on results differentiates our hiring model from others and is key to candidate engagement.

As example, telling a recruiting coordinator that part of their job is to prepare new job postings daily is about the task.  Truthfully it’s not a very interesting or compelling way to pitch to a prospective candidate what they’re going to contribute once hired.   Telling them that their job is critical to help the team fill more job openings is.   Candidates and employees get motivated when they know the reason for their work – why it matters.  Talking to candidates about RESULTS (not tasks) sets your company apart from competitive opportunities. We promise.   

As part of their pre recruit homework we encourage hiring managers wherever possible to develop a 30-60-90 day performance plan.  This is a plan that details what results the candidate is expected to achieve if hired.  We use this plan to engage candidates right out of the gate. Giving a candidate the road map with specific milestones and asking how they would approach their journey is a powerful engagement technique.  It prepares the candidates for that dangerous period of 30-60-90 days post ire when most hiring errors surface.

There are other things pre- recruit homework is intended to get accomplished, nailing down……..

  • The WORK CONTENT – a typical “day in the life” of the future employee.  What are the tasks the employee will be doing to achieve the results.
  • The CONTEXT in which the work will be done – Why has the company decided to hire now? What business or staffing issue are they trying to address?  What about the work environment that might create challenges for a new hire?  What resources are or are not in place to provide support? (Will they be working for a boss who is almost never on site?  Will they have lots of daily/weekly deadlines?  Will they have daily contact with others or are they expected to work on their own? ETC.)  The CONTEXT homework is about uncovering anything that will be relevant to how the employee experiences the job after they are hired.
  • The factors that are likely to MOTIVATE the right candidate to meet your expectations – not just on day one, but down the road.  We want to know WHY the right employee would want to take this job? What factors will make them both able and willing to exceed their hiring manager’s expectations for results?

The end product of all our pre recruit homework is what we call a Preferred Candidate Profile (PCP) which is an outline of the skills, experience and personal profile of a candidate who is likely going to be highly motivated to deliver the results you need.    

A PCP is what all recruiters need in order to know….

  • Where to look for the right candidate
  • How best to engage them in your hiring process
  • What candidate vetting/screening/evaluation activities will be needed or helpful to id the right candidate
  • What information will best help our client select the best candidate for the job – “the one most able to deliver the results needed – not just on day one but on the hiring anniversary dates to follow.

In any hiring process the Preferred Candidate Profile is the roadmap that guides the next steps in the hiring process.  In a RESULTS FOCUSED hiring model, that profile reflects 1) results not tasks, 2) talents not just skills and experience.   It is a profile that describes the candidate who is able and willing to deliver the expected results on day one and on each anniversary date after.        

#2. Customized Sourcing, Screening, and Candidate Vetting – where science and art come together! 

Homework completed, a Preferred Candidate profile in hand, your PACE recruiter can go to work to find the candidates who fit the profile.  They will vet those candidates against all the details you’ve id’d to be relevant to the “fit”.  They will engage them in the hiring process by talking about the results they will be expected to achieve and any unusual pieces of the context in which the job is done.

The steps our team uses to find and recruit candidates is about the science because it is very data driven approach to the market.  We need to know how many candidates are in the marketplace available for hire?  How many employers are chasing those same  candidates?  What the candidates who are the “right fit” for the job are looking for when they pursue one job or another?  We will know how many candidates we will need to touch before we come up with the one who is the right fit.  We have the concrete data that we use to answer these questions.  

Engaging candidates in the journey is the artistic part – using the story about our hiring manager’s expectations of results to trigger each candidate’s interest in becoming part of the team.

You would be amazed on much information you learn about a candidate’s underlying talents when you engage them in conversations  about the results that will be expected of them once hired.  They’ll come up with approaches they could use that you may not have thought of.  Traditional vetting interviews,  focused on skills and experience, can’t touch a vetting interview focused on results.      

At PACE , we vet all candidates using a variety of behaviorally based interviews, skill and aptitude assessments, and reference checks.  A new feature of our vetting program in 2024  is to use an automated reference check process very early in the vetting process. In the past our reference check process was the old fashioned kind – live conversations with previous employers.  We didn’t do these reference checks until we knew our client was about to make an offer.  Today, we use AI based software to allow us to activate a digital reference check process after the first screening interview, saving the hard core voice to voice conversations to the end.

There are a lot of reasons for this additional step.  It sets the tone re: the seriousness of our hiring process right up front and actually encourages candidates to be more forthcoming during subsequent interviews and assessment exercises.  They know what they tell us in an interview has to match up with what a former employer tells us doing the reference check.  An important nuance of our reference check process is that it is constructed to minimize a previous employer’s opinion, focused instead on verifying the candidate’s self reports.     

#3. Information Rich Hiring Decisions – Our Client’s Opportunity to Go Deep!

Armed with the information gathered during our screening and evaluation processes, our clients are able to focus their time with one or two candidate finalists.  They are able to go deep into uncovering how each of those candidates might approach delivering on their expected results, how they might overcome the challenges identified as part of the context, what talents they know they can bring to the table to help them be successful?

This type of behavior based interviewing generally makes it easy for a hiring manager to see which candidates are most likely going to be successful once hired. It also encourages the candidate’s on going engagement.

Our hiring model means that PACE plays an active role not just in the screening of candidates but in more in depth evaluations of candidates who have “made the cut”.    The actual decision process is what happens when the candidate is referred to our client.  During this final step in the hiring process, we encourage our clients to….

  • Use a multi step evaluation process… least one or two interviews
  • Involve all the folks who will play a role in the new hire’s success in one or more steps in the evaluation process
  • Involve the hiring team with only 1-3 finalists so the vetting process doesn’t get too exhausting and lead to hiring decisions that are made just to be done with the process.
  • Wherever possible arrange for an “on the job” interview or discovery – arranging for a candidate to spend 2-4 hours job shadowing, watching teammates in action, or attending a team meeting to see how the team interacts with one another.   Our favorite “on the job” evaluation is a “temp to hire work audition” where the employee actually starts work on the team but is in an interim, non employee role for a 2-3 month auditioning period.  We are big believers in try before you buy.  

When its time for our client to make the hiring decision the focus on RESULTS which has been part of the process since day one once again comes into play.  The hiring decision is simply a prediction about which candidate is most likely to achieve the short and long term results needed to be considered a quality hire.  Which of the candidates is most likely to stay motivated along the way.  The answer is usually quite clear if you’ve kept the discovery focused on results each step of the way.

#4. Pre- Offer Discovery – Making Sure We Get it Right!

Once our client decides who they want to hire, the recruiter’s role shifts to make sure their job offer aligns with the candidate’s needs and the competitive marketplace.  We want the offer to be one that the candidate will accept enthusiastically.  We are that facilitator in the middle to make sure there are no misfires, to clearly communicate thru all the nuances of the right offer, to nip any miscues in the bud.

#5.  Pre-Hire Compliance – The Finale!

The last step in all hiring processes is to make sure the candidate is eligible to go to work in the US and passes muster in order to get access to the employer’s facility.  In our state, some of the steps in the compliance process, the criminal background check for example, cannot be initiated until an offer has been made or accepted.

For any temporary employee placed on assignment, PACE is the hiring agent and will always do every step in the compliance process.  If our client is hiring directly they can either ask PACE to do the compliance or do it themselves.  Either way PACE clients can rely on our compliance team to have the expertise to walk you thru any issue that might arise.

ONE MORE POINT – Our RESULTS FOCUSED hiring process is a holistic approach not just to hiring but to onboarding, performance management, and staff retention

We hope you now have some insights into the steps of our RESULTS FOCUSED hiring model and the many ways it lays the groundwork for hiring success.  It is a seamless journey from the initial intake call thru the onboarding and first 90 days your new hire is on the job.

Whether you’re a customer who has already experienced this hiring model or a new client looking to upgrade your own hiring process, we hope this information sparks some ideas about how to get started.  Our RESULTS FOCUSED model will definitely make a difference in who or how you hire.

If you have questions or run into some challenges along the way – never hesitate to call.  We’re here to help!!!!

PACE Staffing Network is one of the Puget Sound’s premier staffing /recruiting agencies and has been helping Northwest employers find and hire employees based on the “right fit” for over 45 years.

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Diclosures, Recognitions, and Thank Yous.....

The PACE team would like to acknowledge the influence and inspiration of Lou Adler, CEO and founder of an international consulting and training company, whose teachings and writings played such a key role in the development of our RESULTS FOCUSED hiring model. Although we have not been formal students of his program, throughout our career in recruiting and staffing we have followed Mr. Adler’s blogs on LinkedIn, read his books including Hire with your Head published in 2021, and have incorporated some of the descriptors he has used to explain the underlying concepts of his hiring model, into our own.

Our RESULTS FOCUSED hiring process has evolved from our own experience in hiring but at critical points has been influenced by Mr. Adler’s presentations and writings. We will be forever grateful for his ability to so articulately describe and explain the what’s and whys of evidence based hiring process which are the principles underlying the hiring process Mr. Adler has created and our own hiring process. The influence he has had on the hiring community across the globe has made it so much easier for us to move forward with the confidence that our own insights on hiring have universal legs to stand upon.

To learn more about the training  Mr. Adler’s company, Performance-based Hiring Learning Systems, might be able to provide to your hiring managers,  we encourage you to contact his team at or call them directly at 949.612.6300

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