Meet Jack, PACE Staffing Network’s Employee of the Month!

At PACE, we take immense pride each month in recognizing and celebrating the exceptional contributions of our dedicated professionals who are currently on assignment! This month, we are delighted to shine the spotlight on Jack, our outstanding Customer Service Representative, who has been making waves onsite with our esteemed client, a local Healthcare union, since November 2023.

A Seamless Integration and a Union Experience Like No Other

Jack  journey with his on-site employer has been nothing short of remarkable. From the moment he stepped in, he was welcomed with open arms and treated as a valuable member of the union’s staff. Jack expresses his gratitude, saying, “Working with the healthcare union has been a great experience. They welcomed me aboard and treated me like a valued member of their staff from day one.”

Not only has Jack contributed his skills to the role, but he has also delved into the intricacies of unions, broadening his understanding of their functions and significance. His engagement with the organization has extended beyond the professional realm and enjoyed getting to attend their holiday party too!

Learning and Growing: A Journey with SEIU775

Jack emphasizes the enriching experience of working with the organization, stating, “I’ve met wonderful new people and learned a lot about how unions function and their importance.” His tenure with the union has been an educational expedition, allowing him to grasp the vital role that unions play in advocating for workers’ rights and fostering a collaborative work environment.

Balance Beyond the Desk: Embracing the Pacific Northwest Lifestyle, Fencing, and Family Time

Beyond the workplace, Jack appreciates the charm of the Pacific Northwest, highlighting its temperate climate and the abundance of 24/7 coffee shops. His nod to the region reflects not only the professional satisfaction found in his assignment but also the appeal of the surrounding lifestyle.

Jack’s life outside of work involves quality time with his son, sharing a unique bond over their endeavor to learn fencing together. Humble about his skills in this newfound hobby, Jack quips, “I’m still really bad at it.”

PACE Staffing Network: A Launchpad for Careers and Continuous Support

Jack acknowledges PACE as a supportive partner in his career journey. He notes, “PACE Staffing is a great place to start a new job or spend time learning what you might want to do without needing to commit to a long-time investment.” Highlighting the personalized approach at PACE, Jack expresses gratitude for the weekly check-ins from his recruiter. Knowing that support is just a call away has provided Jack with a sense of security and confidence in navigating his assignment.

In honoring Jack as our Employee of the Month, we not only commend his professional accomplishments but also celebrate the embodiment of PACE’s values – dedication, growth, and community. Jack exemplifies the spirit of excellence that we strive for at PACE Staffing Network, and we look forward to witnessing his continued success in the future. Congratulations, Jack!

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