How do I prepare for a virtual interview?


Interviews are daunting under normal conditions, but virtual interviews bring a whole new set of challenges!

Coronavirus has not only forced many employees to lose their job, but has changed the way we will be getting jobs in the future. If you are fortunate enough to be interviewing during this challenging time of record high unemployment and many businesses not operating normally, it’s more important than ever to ace virtual interviews!

Many businesses are now (and will be even more so in the future) conducting their recruiting process exclusively virtually to keep business and recruiting afloat so if you’re a job seeker, new graduate or plan to launch a job search anytime throughout 2020, investing some time into perfecting your virtual interview skills is a must-do. Even though many factors and challenges to do with virtual interviewing during this time of uncertainty are out of our control, you must control what you can control in a job interview. 


Similarly to face-to-face interviews, making a great first impression in a virtual interview comes from confidence and preparedness, be sure to check off these five items before your next virtual interview!


1. First, make sure you have the right equipment. This includes a working, reliable webcam and all the necessary software you’ll need to establish a connection. Ask the employer if there are any specific programs you should have access to, like Zoom, BlueJeans, WebEx, Google or Skype, and do all the downloading and installing you need to do right away. Be sure that you are using a high quality headset or headphones with a microphone for a clean, crisp sound quality. 

2.  Then set the stage. Make sure your backdrop is appropriate, clean, professional and not too cluttered – a simple blank wall will work fine. Also, pay attention to lighting. Arrange the lamps to supplement natural light in the room to highlight your best features and factor in the time of day when the interview will be taking place.

3. Choose your outfit. A suit, nice blouse, or simple dress will usually do for an interview setting. Just make sure everything is clean and wrinkle free – most webcams now can catch these small details on clothing! 

4. Plan for contingencies. Arrange child and pet care so you are not distracted. While you’re at it, make sure your neighbors, friends and family know not to stop by and ring the doorbell. Silence the ringer on your phone and anticipate any other potential distractions.

5. Focus on poise, just as you would during an in-person interview. Make sure you direct your attention toward the camera, not the screen. It may seem strange, but this will feel more like “eye contact” to your viewers, even if it doesn’t feel that way to you. Don’t make your interviewers talk to the side of your face or the top of your forehead.



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