Meet Jennifer James-Minks

Jennifer James-Minks

As a Certified Staffing Professional with nearly two decades of recruiting experience, Jennifer is a master at “fit finding”. Having spent her entire 19-year staffing career in Washington, she knows all the ins and outs of the local candidate landscape better than anyone! She knows exactly where to look for candidates who are the right match for PACE employer clients.

Jennifer’s favorite aspect of her work in staffing comes from building relationships with both candidates and clients, recognizing the importance of the recruiter’s role in not just placing people into jobs but significantly impacting people’s lives. She also loves working with numbers so the team relies on her to give them all of the data they need about the local job market and how they are performing as a team – keeping up with industry wide benchmarks of recruiting performance. For Jennifer, the fast-paced nature of her role on the team provides the perfect balance between the data-driven operations and the human side of the business.

This is what her boss has to say about Jen –  “Just over 9 years ago, it was my great fortune to be able to bring Jenn to PACE.  I consider her to be the queen of “fit finding” – matching the intangible qualities candidates bring to the table with the customers’ needs for results. She is dedicated, focused, and always knows when the right pieces of the staffing puzzle are coming together – or not.” 

Other team members have commented on Jenn’s analytic side – calling her “a valuable partner in driving PACE’s data-driven recruiting strategy and consistently helping our team improve our recruiting outcomes. Simply put, when it comes to engaging and recruiting the best talent in the Northwest – Jen makes sure our team has the tools and data make a difference!”

Jennifer James-Minks -Family

One of the most valuable lessons Jennifer learned at PACE is her ability to embrace change. As she will tell you change has always been a bit scary for her, but somewhere along her PACE journey she shifted her perspective. Now, she sees it as an opportunity to grow and learn, a mindset she applies to the ever-evolving world of staffing.

Outside of her role at PACE, Jennifer enjoys her family – Brian, her husband of 22 years, and two daughters, Addison and Bella.   From movie nights to traveling and exploring new places to eat, she cherishes creating traditions and celebrating both big and small moments. And let’s not forget her love for happy hour margaritas, casino trips, spa days, and her passion for flowers and gardening!

Jennifer James-Minks - Family

You likely won’t learn this by just talking to Jen, but she is incredibly superstitious. She also has a third daughter; a furry companion named Lucy, an 8-year-old Havanese who adds an extra layer of joy to her life. Her favorite travel destination is beautiful Maui, where she got married at Kapalua Bay and now continues to create memories with her family.

Jennifer James-Minks - Dog

According to Jennifer, what makes the Northwest a fantastic place to live and do business is the abundance of industry leaders, a robust small business community, and the diverse array of work opportunities. The region’s diversity in people, backgrounds, interests, and landscapes makes it an unparalleled place to call home.

Jennifer is a proud alumna of Western Washington University, where she earned a BA in Business/Psychology.

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