Meet Kyle Fitzgerald!

Kyle Fitzgerald

To know who PACE is, you need to know Kyle Fitzgerald, the driving force behind PACE Staffing Network’s Recruiting Services and Solutions team. Believe it or not Kyle has spent 32 years in the staffing industry, over 11 of those years with the PACE team. Kyle’s career in staffing and in particular, his last several years with PACE is a testament to his passion, resilience, and an unwavering commitment to making a difference.

For Kyle, staffing isn’t just a career; it’s a calling. He’s grown from his first role as a front desk receptionist to managing a staffing office, to managing several staffing offices, to overseeing a large customer’s onsite office, even selling national accounts. Through every phase of his journey, Kyle’s commitment to making a difference by helping others get what they want has remained constant. “There is nothing more professionally rewarding to me than the staffing industry” Kyle says. For him, the ability to connect candidates with their next career step plus an opportunity to create customized staffing solutions for clients is the pinnacle of professional satisfaction. He gets to do both at PACE!

Kyle’s favorite aspect of his career is its diversity. Having navigated through so many positions that are part of our industry, he sees himself as ready for any challenge PACE and the world of staffing throws his way.

Kyle Fitzgerald - Family

As part of the PACE team, Kyle revels in the company’s creativity, speed, and nimbleness. Being able to make a difference swiftly and provide customized staffing solutions without hurdles aligns not just with PACE’s mission to make a difference but to Kyle’s personal mission as well. “Working for one of the leading staffing companies in the Northwest, we have the ability to make a difference quickly and customize staffing solutions with fast turnaround and without having to run all decisions up the flagpole to level upon level of executive leadership…PACE is creative, fast, and nimble and being able to make difference to our customer and candidates quickly, and without having to jump through hoops, can make a world of difference to all parties involved.” 

Kyle Fitzgerald - Theatre

Kyle has been a resident of the Pacific Northwest for nearly 25 years. His personal life evolves around spending quality time with Joe, his husband and partner of 32 years. They are proud parents to two spoiled, cuddly cat children – Tallulah (15.5 years) and Sebastian (5.5 years). Kyle is an avid supporter of the performing arts and cherishes every opportunity he gets to participate in live theater – either cheering on friends at 5th Avenue or Village Theatre or gracing the stage himself. Taking a trip to Broadway and experiencing world class theater, is one of his favorite memories.  (He also loves Disneyland😊)

Kyle Fitzgerald - Theatre

As if his career wasn’t exciting enough, Kyle shares a fun fact – he once sang backup for the legendary Barry Manilow, stepping in for a two-week stint, when he came to the San Francisco Bay Area!

We are proud to have Kyle at the helm of our service and solutions team, acting as the heartbeat of what we do best -make a difference!

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