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Our mission. Our team. Our backstory! What makes us different!

By now, you know that PACE has been around a long time. In fact, we've been making a difference to Northwest employers and job seekers for close to five decades!

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We think that's a great reason to celebrate...and we do that regularly!

Sticking around, staying privately owned, and being diligent about how we bring our “make a difference” mission to life – is definitely not the norm in the world of staffing. As other locally owned staffing and recruiting agencies got gobbled up by large global staffing companies, PACE stayed the course. From the very beginning, we knew we wanted to be built to last! 

In many ways, our story is the story of the Northwest and the success stories that have been created here from scratch.   No, we didn’t start in a garage, but we found a lot of the employees who worked for the companies who did.  

And it all starts with our
"make a difference" mission!

Yes, we’ve been nationally recognized as a world class recruiting agency, consistently ranked in the  top 2% of staffing agencies nationwide.  

Yes, we’re still local and woman owned with wide and deep roots in so many communities in Washington state and the Northwest.  

Yes, we’re known for our NETWORK and other out of the box ways of doing business.    

But what really makes us different is our mission to make a difference to each and every person and company we touch. That is what has made us built to last!    

But what still makes our day....

…is walking into a client’s office and meeting with an employee we placed in an administrative role 10-15 years ago. All too often we find our once candidate is now a senior manager heading up some key function. Still there. Still happy. Finding their own way to make a difference!    

And watching a company that once was 3-5 people in a rag tag office in the outskirts of Bellevue achieve their start up dreams has been equally rewarding. From start up to the iconic, from one generation of leadership to the next – these are not easy journeys. And it all starts with a commitment to get the right people on the bus. That we’ve helped so many Northwest companies do just that is definitely what makes us proud!    

Whether helping a job seeker change their life, or helping a company reach their lofty goals, we love our history of making a difference! That’s our mission. That’s what we do each and every day!

As no surprise - to make a difference you have to put together a team of difference makers...

And that’s what we’ve done for close to five decades.

In an industry known for its churn and burn, we’ve found a way to keep our team members together, always looking for the next challenge, having fun along the way. On average, the members of our current team have been with PACE just over 12 years – and that’s a big deal in an industry where employee turnover is so rampant and always has such a negative impact on customers.   

We’re not a big team, but every player on the PACE bus is a difference maker – contributing something unique and special to how our clients experience the difference!     

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Now we'd love to learn more about you - YOUR mission. YOUR purpose.

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