What Makes PACE

We learned quickly that to make a difference we needed to do things differently - things that our competitors don't or won't!

And doing things that others don’t has been in our DNA from day one!  

We’re not knocking traditional anything, but we knew from the beginning that some of the ways traditional staffing or recruiting companies delivered service to their customers simply didn’t make sense. 

Search fees were way too high, calculated oddly, and had wonky guarantees. Recruiters were not being trained to do quality work but because they were paid on commission they often did things not in the best interests of their clients. Doing the deal was all that mattered. 

We thought our client’s deserved better.         

"Your purpose is not just what you do - but what happens to others when you do what you do"

Here's some of the things we do differently
that our client's tell us are important to them!

People building pyramid

Our staffing, hiring, and candidate vetting  expertise is world class – you’ll definitely experience the difference!    

We don’t just review resumes, conduct a 15 minute screening interview and send a candidate to a client, which, unfortunately, has become a common service experience when calling a lot of the national or global recruiting or temporary staffing agencies in our local market. PACE uses a comprehensive RESULTS FOCUSED hiring and candidate vetting model built around the same fundamentals used for executive search. It takes candidate vetting to new levels, using state of the art skill and aptitude assessment tools and technologies to identify the candidates who are truly going to make a difference.   

While in the people business you can never be 100% – our RESULTS FOCUSED HIRING model helps us get close!       

We believe extraordinary service is a team thing.  We stopped relying on commission based recruiters a long time ago.

We know how easy it is for a “commissioned recruiter” to put the customer’s needs in second place behind the need to do a deal. At PACE, a quick hire will never trump taking the time to find the candidate who is the “right fit” for a role – long term, not just on day one.      

While each customer has a dedicated point of contact, our services are delivered by a team of folks who work behind the scenes to provide specialized support at all steps of the staffing process. Over the years we’ve invested heavily in our teams – with new technologies, world class candidate assessment tools, and all the  whistles and bells it takes to drive a modern approach to staffing. Most of our agency counterparts are still doing staffing the old fashioned way – relying on just a few folks and limited technology to do it all.      

Why do these differences matter? You can always trust that our team’s recommendations and candidate referrals are based on a careful analysis of what works best for you. That our teams have access to the latest and greatest technologies to allow them to move faster, make better decisions, and make life easier for you!      


Our service and pricing  models are custom designed to fit each need and budget.  Yes, we have something for everyone  but our goal is to make it perfect for you!       

When it comes to how our services are priced, we’ve never thought that those big ticket recruiting fees calculated as a % of employee pay made business sense. They certainly didn’t make it easy for small to midsized employers to use agency services when we know they needed us the most. We knew we could do better.

Our fees are always based on what it’s going to cost us internally to deliver the services the client needs and wants – in other words customized for you. This means that all full cycle recruiting packages are priced as a flat fee (not based on the employee’s pay) up front, with built in guarantees and generous payment terms. We also provide a way for in house recruiters or employers to purchase specific components of the hiring process (ex. reference checking) using a menu based pricing model.  

The bottom line is that PACE's service fees are typically 15-20% below what you'd experience elsewhere with actually better service and better results! Too good to be true - check us out!

Our Network is a one of a kind service model, offering all the solutions you need for the people side of your business!     

Unlike most staffing agencies who specialize in a particular type of staffing solution (ex. direct hire contingent or retained search, temporary or contract staffing etc.), PACE has developed a NETWORK that always has a solution – regardless of what kind of challenge you bring us.    

The result? You’ll know that when you call PACE you’ll get the solution you need – not the solution your agency is able to offer. It also allows us to go deep with each of our clients. To know where they’re going, what kind of talents they’re going to need to get there, and what kind of resources they’re going to need.         

And if you’re a company on the grow, you already know how difficult it is to track down the specialty agencies you might need to track down niched or hard to find talent. Our NETWORK was our way of helping you address that challenge by giving you ONE STOP access to all the specialty services you needed.    

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Our partnerships are built to last.  We won’t take an a project unless we know we can make a difference. We won’t stop until we do! 

While the staffing industry is known for its lack of agency loyalty with industry wide NPS ratings in the teens, PACE has a long track record of customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention. Our make a difference mission shows up in what our customers have to say about their service experience – describing in detail to how we’ve made a difference in who and how they hire. In some cases, they’ll tell you how we’ve helped them build their companies from the bottom up.  

Independent surveys rank  PACE in the top 2% of staffing agencies nationwide, earning the coveted Best of Staffing recognition five years in a row. We’ve also been recognized by Forbes as one of America’s Best Staffing and Professional Recruiting firms three years in a row.  

Are you ready to experience the difference?