Author: Sara Bennett

Cecil Jackson

Meet Cecil Jackson!

Meet Cecil Jackson—Recruiter extraordinaire, track coach champion, and all-around unique human being!   With 13 years at PACE and becoming a key player on our recruiting

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The difference between temps and contractors and other labels that matter!

Call Them Temps. Call Them Contractors. Call Them Consultants. Whatever You Call Them – You Need Them!
Employers who have mastered the management of large and strategically focused flexible workforce’s, and have learned to embrace this workforce rather than see it as a necessary evil, know that the workforce strategies represented by these workers are anything but temporary.

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Q1’s in the books. What’s Next?

Q1 has been quite a ride for those of us in the staffing industry. Let’s just say OUR marketplace has had its share of volatility, dealing with some workforce trends that for many of us were a bit unexpected. As example, at PACE we have been thinking for a while now that our clients would start using more temporary staff.

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