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What’s Better than a Working Mom? Two Working Moms!

by Marketing Team | June 30, 2016

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My name is Kelly B. I have three children - Lowen (9), Derek (8), and Taytum (5). My wife, Tiffany, is their birth Mom, but we both are Moms – Working Moms. … Read More »


by Jeanne Knutzen | June 20, 2016

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Here at PACE, 75% of our internal staff are working parents … Read More »

For Some Working Moms, a Part-time Job WORKS Best!

by Marketing Team | June 13, 2016

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My name is Alicia R. I’m 37, and a working mom with three awesome kids: … Read More »

Meet Aly B – A Working Mom With a Career in Healthcare!

by FanZappy | June 6, 2016

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Take a look at this Working Mom Story: My name is Aly Barger and I am an RN. … Read More »

PACE Celebrates Lacey P. – Not Your AVERAGE Working Mom!

by Guest Author | May 23, 2016

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My name is Lacey and I am a working mom! I have two children, my daughter who just turned 12, and my son who is a little over 9 months. He was born at 25 weeks/2 days so he is a special little boy! … Read More »

PACE Celebrates Working Moms

by Guest Author | May 19, 2016

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Please join the PACE Staffing Network team in celebration of working moms in our area! … Read More »