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The PACE team has been connecting jobs and employees
throughout the Emerald City for Five Decades!

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Seattle has long been a hub for Northwest innovation, technology, and professional services. It’s the home of nationally recognized law firms, globally recognized not for profits and countless banks, accounting firms, construction, real estate management groups and more.  

That’s why you’ll find PACE busy representing the jobs being created by some of Northwest’s most sought-after employers and the candidates who want a piece of that action. While Seattle is an exciting place for both employers and job seekers, its a terrain that is difficult to navigate if you don’t know your way around.    

The PACE team is here to help!

Our sweet spot are the jobs and people in the Administrative,
Sales, and Service side of small to midsized companies!


Healthcare Administrative Staff…is a PACE favorite because you can’t make a mistake when it comes to deciding who goes to work where in healthcare.  We handle the people and jobs found in the admin side of healthcare facilities, clinics, and specialty service providers.  

Administrative/Clerical Support…from data entry specialists to high level executive assists, we represent the people and jobs that help employers run a tight ship!  

Customer Service/Product Support…all those people and jobs that involve customers on a daily basis – inquiries, complaints, product training.  These are the people and jobs that can make a big difference! 

Human Resources…the jobs and people who support the people side of your business.  From HR coordinators to high level directors, and all positions in between (including specialized recruiters).     

People building pyramid

Project Managers and Coordinators…the people and jobs who work behind the scenes to expedite special projects and initiatives. PM’s can work in interim, project based roles, or can become long term hires who will keep your trains moving.  

Technology/Database Management and  Support…The IT and data friendly people and jobs that keep your wheels turning, your digital world in tact, information flowing to the right places. Help desk, data mining, report writer,  analyst  roles and people! 

Sales/Biz Dev/Marketing…the specialized people and jobs that drive revenue. Account Managers, Lead Developers, Outside and Inside sales. Each person and each sales cycle is different. Our forte is matching up the profiles in ways that work!   

Accounting Finance…jobs and people with specialized or  professional level bookkeeping or accounting expertise. AP, AR, payroll specialists, senior accountants, controllers. 

Our Network offers a full range of services and solutions
for Seattle employers....

When it comes to the people side of your business, we've got you covered!

Professional Recruiting/Direct Hire Staffing Solutions
We offer a variety of recruiting packages, custom-designed to fit your precise needs and budget. We’ll leverage our vast candidate network, innovative recruiting methods, and state-of-the-art technology to find both active and passive candidates for your full-time roles.
Temp-to-Hire Working Auditions
Try out an employee before making a permanent commitment – and avoid a costly hiring mistake. The employee will remain on our payroll while you evaluate them for skills, work ethic, and cultural alignment. Then, transfer them to your payroll if it’s a great fit.
Temporary / Contract Staffing

Access quick solutions for special projects, leave coverage, or when you’re just not quite sure what lies ahead for your business. Add flexibility to your workforce when you need it most. 

Skill, Aptitude, and "Fit" Assessments
The more you know about a candidate before you hire them, the better the result. We offer a variety of candidate evaluation and vetting services to make sure the candidate you hire on Friday is the same person who shows up for work on Monday.
Employer of Record / Pay Agent Services
A hands-free pay and benefit management service for employers who don’t want the hassle of being a W2 employer. Avoid administrative headaches and ensure compliance – and save time and money at the same time.
Managed Services
Our premium service is a truly outsourced model that handles all your recruiting and staffing needs, top to bottom – all vendors, all services, all job categories.
Hiring Help - Resume Reviews / Reference Checks / Interview Questions / More
Access customized services to augment what you’re already doing internally. Options include candidate profiling, discounted job posting services, resume reviews, and much more.

For JOB SEEKERS, we'll help you level up your career
with a variety of work options offered by Seattle employers!

We know how life changing it can be to find that just right job. We're here to help!

Take Your Pick of Placement Options!

Direct Hire Placement Services

PACE will help you shorten and streamline your full-time job search by focusing your attention on that job that is that “just right fit” for you.  A job that checks every box to become the life changer you’re looking for. 

Temp-to-Hire Work Auditions

Not quite sure the job you’re considering is the “just right fit” for you?  Here’s your chance to test drive a job before you say the final “I dos.”  The temp to hire audition is one of our most popular ways to put people to work quickly while taking advantage of a “try before you buy” decision making model.  

Temporary or Contract Staffing

If you have solid skills and work experience and want to go to work now, temporary or contract staffing is often the right solution.  You’ll get exposed to new work environments, but more importantly you get to decide when, where and how you want to go to work.  

recruiting and temporary staffing agency

What Kind of Employers Does PACE Represent?

Our staffing and recruiting services were designed specifically for the unique needs of small to midsized Northwest employers where finding the right talent matters. From fast growth start ups, to "best in class" icons, to all the steady eddies in between, PACE clients come from all segments of the local economy.

  • Consumer and Commercial Products
  • Retail Products and Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Insurance
  • Healthcare
  • Banking and Financial Services
  • BioTech
  • Sports
  • Leisure and Hospitality 
  • Business and Professional Services 
  • Construction. Building Materials and Supplies  
  • Transportation. Distribution   
  • Technology/Software Development
  • Real Estate/Property Management
  • Communication/Marketing/Advertising
  • Education   
  • Video Games

And just what makes PACE Different?

It all started when PACE walked away from traditional agency norms -
and that was a long time ago when we learned first hand that to really
make a difference we had to do things differently!

recruiting and temporary staffing agency

There’s lots of things we do (or don’t do) that makes us different.  We know our clients notice because we’re consistently ranked in the top 2% of staffing agencies nationwide!    

Here’s just a few of the areas where you’ll experience the difference…

  • All recruiting fees are are quoted up front and fixed for the life of the recruit.   No more big ticket search fees with dicey guarantees.
  • All PACE services include built in guarantees and payment terms.   We make it easy for employers to choose us to be their staffing partner. 
  •  Our RESULTS FOCUSED hiring model is typically reserved for Executive Search, but its our go to -delivering a HUGE value to who and how you hire    In our world we call a temp is a temp, not a contractor or a consultant just so we can raise our bill rates. Ask about our very transparent and direct cost pricing model that is anything but the norm.     
  • Our candidate referrals aren’t just rehashed resumes with a cover.  All PACE referrals come with comprehensive packets of information to help you make the right hiring decision.       

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