Our Recruiting / Hiring Process
is focused on RESULTS!

We're all about finding candidates with the skills, knowledge, and experience it takes to deliver the RESULTS you need the right employee to produce!

Did you know that 35-50% of all hiring decisions turn out to be HIRING MISTAKES at some time during the employee's first year on the job?

According to the Saratoga Institute and other HR data analytic services – its true. Your chances of a successful hire using traditional hiring methods aren’t that good. And even more scary is that the known culprits behind many hiring errors are the tools hiring managers are still using as part of their hiring process.            

  • Resumes – are definitely not the bastions of truth hiring managers would like them to be. Studies tell us that somewhere between 75-85% of all resumes contain information that is factually misleading.     
  • Traditional Interviews – have equally questionable predictive power. In fact most interviews are so riddled with interviewer bias they become sources of hiring errors, not hiring successes. Behaviorally based interviews are definitely an improvement but even they fall short.   
  • Traditional Job descriptions – can’t be depended upon to give you the information you need to avoid hiring mistakes. Most are seriously outdated and describe the tasks to be done, not the results to be achieved. Their long lists of the skill, education and previous work experience requirements can systematically exclude a lot of really talented candidates that need to be considered in today’s candidate tight marketplace.     

A loosely defined or casually executed hiring process built around outdated job descriptions, unrealistic skill/education/experience requirements, misleading resumes and unfocused interviews, are not likely to produce a quality hire.   

The Solution? A Hiring Process Focused om Results!

In the people business, nothing is 100%, but we've seen our RESULTS FOCUSED hiring process significantly reduce hiring errors!

Your hiring process, the steps you to take to find, vet, and hire candidates, is one of your most  important business processes. It impacts who becomes part of your team, who is in que to deliver the RESULTS most important to your team’s success.  
If your hiring process is focused on uncovering a candidate’s qualifications to the exclusion of what they HAVE DONE or WILL DO with those qualifications, a hiring mistake is just around the corner!

We use a recruiting and hiring process often used by executive search consultants and streamlined it to be effective in all types of hiring scenarios – from entry level to senior leadership roles.     

We call our process RESULTS FOCUSED because....

  • It profiles candidates based on what a successful hire is expected to ACHIEVE once hired – not what makes them eligible to be considered.           
  • Candidate vetting becomes a process of collecting “evidence” that a candidate has what it takes to achieve the expected RESULTS – information that is easy to overlook using traditional hiring models.          
  • It considers employee’s long term RESULTS – their ongoing performance and retention!             

What differences will we notice about your hiring process?

  • Our intake calls are definitely different – organized to profile the candidates “most likely to succeed.”  A job description may or may not help, but for us, its only a start.  
  • The candidates we present to you for hire will be able to provide you with concrete evidence that they are both able and motivated to achieve the RESULTS you need.  We use a wide range of candidate vetting techniques and professional assessment tools to uncover both a candidate’s the can and wanna dos.  

Pre-Recruit HOMEWORK is key to a successful hire!

One of the main causes of hiring mistakes is that recruiters and the hiring managers they support don’t always take the time to really understand the job – why it exists, what RESULTS the role is expected to deliver.  Without a solid understanding of the work, how success is defined, and insights into the CONTEXT in which the job is going to be done, a recruiter can’t accurately profile the right candidate for the job. 

Here’s what we suggest our client’s do to get ready to hire…..

“Most hiring problems can be eliminated by making one fundamental and simple change – replacing job descriptions with a list of performance objectives the new hire is expected to achieve.”

-Lou Adler

  • Obtain a copy of / brush off the job description. Your current job description is a good starting point and we’ll help you turn it into a results focused hiring tool.       
  • Talk with the people who have done the job in the past .  Find out what they liked about the job, what made it difficult, what skills are absolutely essential to achieving the results needed.         
  • Explore the CONTEXT – what is going on NOW in the organization or team that might impact a new employee’s experience of the company or team environment.  Changes in organizational structure or culture? New or difficult boss? New technologies? CONTEXT matters when it comes to hiring the right candidate.     
  • Get clear on the business reasons for the job and your expectations for RESULTS.   Our first questions are always about why the job exists (i.e. its business purpose), what RESULTS the role expected to deliver.      
  • Be thinking about what you want your new employee to accomplish in their first 90 days post hire.   A 30-60-90 day performance plan for most administrative or middle management roles is ideal. For higher level jobs plotting out the achievements needed for the first year or longer works even better.      
  •  Ask yourself (and others) why someone would want to take this job. What will the right candidate “get” out of going to work for you and/or doing this job that will make them want to keep doing this job, and doing it well?          

How will the PACE team present candidates?

Our cover docs are one page, condensed stories of what we know to be true about the candidate that is directly relevant to your hiring decision.   

As no surprise, we’re not a fan of the role resumes have come to play in a lot of hiring processes.  We know first hand how misleading they can be – embellishing  individual achievements or giving someone credit for results that in real life were achieved by a team.  With AI now writing resumes to match up with the requirements listed on job postings, the issues with resumes have gotten worse, not better. (Yes, we’ve seen AI create resumes that are complete fabrications of what a candidate has actually done. )          

When you receive a candidate from PACE we’ll provide a cover doc that carefully details the evidence our vetting processes have uncovered that let’s us know the candidate is both able and motivated to deliver the RESULTS  important to hiring success.  Our cover docs provide the evidence of a candidate’s “fit” for the job and ensure bias free hiring.   

How should I interview a candidate you've screened to be the right fit for us?

If you’re already trained in behavioral interviewing techniques, its a quick shift to do a RESULTS FOCUSED interview.   RESULTS FOCUSED interviews use questions about a candidate’s history of achieving results that are prepared ahead of time and asked of all candidates.    

The difference between a RESULTS FOCUSED interview and most BEHAVIORAL interviews lies in the specificity of the questions asked.  RESULTS FOCUSED interviews are maniacally focused on identifying what a candidate has DONE that is most relevant to what they will be expected to DO once hired!   For a more detailed review of the interviewing process, check out our recent blog on that topic. 


Getting Rid of Interviewer Bias!

NEWS FLASH!  Interviewer bias is a fact of life and can't be wished away.

Asking interviewers to get rid of their biases is like trying to take the human out of human being. It compromises the authenticity that are foundational to great interviews!

We think the better approach is to minimize opportunities  for interviewer bias to creep into interview in the first place. 

  • Open the interview by clearly describing the results you need the employee to achieve and the CONTEXT in which they will be asked to deliver those results. Clearly state the challenges they are likely to face.      
  • Ask the candidate to describe achievements they have had in previous jobs that are relevant to the results they will be expected to achieve in the current job.    
  • Probe into the details of what the candidate describes to make sure you fully understand what the candidate actually DID!  
  • Pay attention to any information that provides insights into the candidate’s approach to similar workplace challenges.  
  • Provide opportunity for the candidate to share their thoughts on how they would approach their new job and the challenges it entails.     

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Diclosures, Recognitions, and Thank Yous.....

The PACE team would like to acknowledge the influence and inspiration of Lou Adler, CEO and founder of an international consulting and training company, whose teachings and writings played such a key role in the development of our RESULTS FOCUSED hiring model. Although we have not been formal students of his program, throughout our career in recruiting and staffing we have followed Mr. Adler’s blogs on LinkedIn, read his books including Hire with your Head published in 2021, and have incorporated some of the descriptors he has used to explain the underlying concepts of his hiring model, into our own.

Our RESULTS FOCUSED hiring process has evolved from our own experience in hiring but at critical points has been influenced by Mr. Adler’s presentations and writings. We will be forever grateful for his ability to so articulately describe and explain the what’s and whys of evidence based hiring process which are the principles underlying the hiring process Mr. Adler has created and our own hiring process. The influence he has had on the hiring community across the globe has made it so much easier for us to move forward with the confidence that our own insights on hiring have universal legs to stand upon.

To learn more about the training  Mr. Adler’s company, Performance-based Hiring Learning Systems, might be able to provide to your hiring managers,  we encourage you to contact his team at info@louadlergroup.com or call them directly at 949.612.6300