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Is Economic Uncertainty Creating a ROUGH RIDE for your Business?

The last few years have had their share of economic uncertainty, with threats of recession intermixed with optimistic reports of job growth.  We’ve felt for sometime now that the economy is fragile and can move quickly  one way or the other with just one change in the economic landscape.  

This email explores a variety of staffing strategies employers can use when they need to hedge their bet – using components of  “flexible” staffing strategies to  stay the course no matter what! 

Hiring Smart: Resurrecting the Reference Check

“Trust but Verify” is a foundational principle of PACE’s hiring processes.  We believe that taking the time to connect with a candidate’s previous employer to verify the accuracy of their application and the information provided in an interview, is an important step in any hiring process worth its salt. A conversation not had creates the risk of making a costly hiring mistake.

This eBook walks you through the whats, whys, and how-tos of referencing checking – a great primer for someone new to the hiring process and a good set of reminders for folks who’ve been there for a while! 

It’s All About the Fit!

Finding the employee or the job that is that “just right fit” is every hiring manager’s or job seeker’s dream. The process that helps  hiring managers and job seekers uncover that “just right fit” has been the foundation of our hiring process for several decades.  Although we recently took “fit finding” to a whole new level when we introduced our RESULTS FOCUSED hiring model in late 2023, finding the candidate who is that “just right fit” is still a key component of how we do job and employer profiling, candidate screening and vetting, and how those two entities end up in a match – that “just right fit.”  

This eBook outlines the dimensions of “fit” and suggests ways for hiring managers to become “fit finders.”  We think you’ll enjoy! 

Hiring Smart: All About Finding and Hiring Eagles

One of our most popular and long lasting resources, our Hiring Eagles eBook walks readers thru the series of steps that need to be in place in order to orchestrate a world class hiring process – from all the how tos of profiling the “right” candidate, to some ideas for finding the candidates most likely to fit that profile, to candidate screening and evaluation best practices, to the hiring decisions and onboarding. It includes lots of ideas for conducting interviews, vetting do’s and don’ts, and we think provides readers with a comprehensive and invaluable resource for designing your own state of the art hiring process.    


Hiring Smart: A Guide for Interviewers Who Need to Uncover a Candidate's Will do Factors

Ever got stuck coming up with an  interview question that will uncover a special quality in an employee that you just know is the secret to a successful hire?   

This eBook has it all. Sample behaviorally based interview questions to get you thru an interview where hiring the right candidate is key.  

This guide not only offers up some interview ideas but tells you what to look for in the candidate’s answers.   

How to Implement Flexible Staffing Strategies -
Getting the Most out of your Temporary Employees

Some Ideas and How Tos for the Hiring Process -
Recruiting, Screening and Vetting the Right Candidates!

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