Pre-Hire Performance Plans – Whats, Whys, and How Tos

Making the Case for Pre-Hire Performance Plans We’re all familiar with the term Performance Plan that is used to describe a series of steps or activities sequenced in a way to achieve a specific goal or objective.  There are all kinds of performance plans, most used to lay out the activities and results required of […]

So You Want to Hire a Critical Thinker!

According to recent research, the number of job postings requesting “critical thinking skills” as a candidate requirement, have doubled since 2009.  Here’s some ideas about how to screen candidates for “critical thinking”.

AI and Hiring. Evolution or Revolution?

The role of AI in the hiring process has been an unexpected story in 2023.  Everyone is asking “how will this “technology” impact me?”. Recruiters, Hiring Managers and job Candidates are no exception.