The difference between temps and contractors and other labels that matter!

Call Them Temps. Call Them Contractors. Call Them Consultants. Whatever You Call Them – You Need Them!
Employers who have mastered the management of large and strategically focused flexible workforce’s, and have learned to embrace this workforce rather than see it as a necessary evil, know that the workforce strategies represented by these workers are anything but temporary.

Can AI replace your recruiter?

Handshake with a happy, confident and excited business woman

There are lots of ways that the right recruiting partner makes a BIG difference to who and how you hire. Check out this short list!

* Why “What If” Questions Don’t Work!

What we often find is that the interview questions that are the most clever or engaging for both interviewer and interviewee, simply don’t provide the information about candidates that the decision makers need and actually matter to placement success.