Tips to Turn a Temp-to-Hire Role Into a Permanent Job!

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Female employee looks at laptop while working a temp-to-hire roleWhile there are a multitude of professional reasons and lifestyle choices that lead many electing for temporary work, a Temp-to-Hire job is most often a hopeful path to a full-time permanent position. 


What is a Temp-to-Hire Assignment?


A Temp-to-Hire assignment is when a temporary employee is brought on by a staffing company like PACE with the chance of getting hired on permanently by the company in the near future. 


In today’s competitive job market and uncertain economy, many employers want to take the time to find the best employee for the role. Temp-to-Hire assignments give both employees and employers flexibility and the opportunity to search for the perfect employee/employer relationship. As an employee, a Temp-to-Hire job is an immersive way to make certain a company and workplace is the perfect fit for you before committing indefinitely to a permanent role. During this time, your potential future employer is heavily evaluating your performance and ability to thrive within the workplace to make sure they are avoiding any hiring mistakes with bringing you on permanently so it is paramount that you utilize this time wisely to get the offer you are hoping for!


Looking to Turn a Temp-to-Hire Assignment into a Permanent?


Firstly, if you are looking to show your ability to be a successful employee in a permanent capacity, it’s important for you to demonstrate your ability to take initiative and get the job done well. Ensuring your focus goes beyond working your required hours and collecting a paycheck is crucial, your center focus should be fulfilling your workplace’s business goal and ensuring your work is accurate. This is ever the time to go the extra mile, double check the accuracy of your work, and ensure you are developing true connections with your colleagues and managers.


While you should only take on an amount of work that you are able to successfully manage, try to challenge yourself to reach your fullest potential by contributing as much as you responsibly can during this time! 


Once your on-site managers see how successful and confident you are in completing your work, it will make their decision to hire you permanently an easy one!


Be a Team Player


So much of our upward career movement has to do with our interpersonal strengths and what you bring to the table outside of the work itself. Aligning yourself with the company’s mission and values while cultivating meaningful partnerships with internal stakeholders display’s your a real team player that strives to collectively reach business goals through your everyday contributions.

Regardless of if you receive an offer for a permanent offer, you are still building your network and a professional support system that may be a resource for you throughout your career moving forward. 


First impressions are massively important, so make sure you show up on Day 1 with a warm attitude and be ready to throw yourself into your new role regardless of how welcoming the environment is initially. Be clear from the beginning that you are there to get the job done and work collaboratively – be respectful, helpful and interested! While your hard skills and/or technical knowledge get you in the door, your soft skills will keep you in the role! A great communicator and leader is irreplaceable. 


Before a manager decides to hire you permanently, they will often turn to the team to see how they experience you. If you want your team to be an advocate for you and report back positively, make sure you are showing them you are invested in the shared business goal and pulling your weight when it comes to getting the work done. 


Some Easy Ways to Show You Will Be a Great Permanent Employee


Be Reliable –  Show up every day on-time. Enough said.


Promote Positivity – Always contribute to the workplace culture with a friendly and positive vibe. Greet your team with a ‘Good Morning’ and take a genuine interest in their lives.


Don’t Only Focus on Your Individual Work – Be supportive of your team members and be quick to assist them when they have problems arise 


Troubleshoot Independently – Look for solutions when issues come up instead of always relying on others when you need help. 


Leverage Your ‘Freshness’ – Use your ‘newness’ to provide a fresh perspective or new ideas


Maintain Good Communication – When you don’t know something for certain, take the initiative to ask someone who does before you make any mistakes or don’t fully understand what is expected of you


Be Patient – Don’t expect a permanent offer in your first week. You wouldn’t ask someone to marry you when you’ve just started dating, right?



Make Your Long-Term Intentions Seen and Known


Looking for some actionable steps to show your personal commitment to the company and your future working there? Connect with your report and ask about the company’s history, future plans, and any other questions that demonstrate your interest in the company entirely. Displaying an innate interest in the company, the team, your role, and the future speaks volumes.


While your actions and performance will be the largest catalyst of how much value you have and how much you deserve a permanent position, don’t hesitate to verbally make it known to your employer that you are committed and heavily interested in staying with the company in the long-term! This will keep you on their radar for when an open role becomes available or when they are determining their hiring budget to make room for you.


We hope that with these tips you’ll have a smooth transition from a Temp-to-Hire role into a permanent job that you love! 

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