What questions are likely to come up in an interview?


woman studying 3 most important interview questionsGetting ready for an important interview is a task…

Between researching the company, reading the job description over and over again, practicing the STAR method, and of course scanning Glassdoor trying to figure out what questions you’re likely to be asked, preparing for an interview can take hours – which can be a lot when you are aggressively job searching and doing multiple interviews per week.  After 45+ years in business and hundreds of thousands of interviews conducted, here’s a couple questions that will certainly be thrown your way during an interview!

“What Professional Accomplishment Are You Most Proud Of?”

This question is asked to determine whether you are results or task focused. If your answer is about the experience of the work you performed, your interviewer may assume that you are not capable of fulfilling their “big picture” business needs or creating the result they need. If your answer is about a high-level result you achieved or substantial outcome that you have produced, they will see your invaluable potential and that they can count on you to achieve a result! Bottomline – stick to end results and quantifiable impact so that they can get an indication about what your performance and results on the job will look like! 

Also important when answering this question – make sure your accomplishment was somewhat recent! Interviewers get concerned when your most important accomplishment was long ago or smaller in terms of scope and scale of what you are likely to encounter in the role that you are interviewing for.

Remember that interviewers are going to be more interested in you as a candidate the more they see that you are doing results-driven and intrinsically motivating work so this question gives you a vast amount of opportunity to win over the interviewer!

“Why Do You Think You’re a Fit For This Role?”

We have a winning strategy for answering this question: reiterate what you know about the role, list the skills and results you have previously produced that would address their needs in fulfilling the role, and then flip the question back on the interviewer by asking “Is that how you see me in this role?”. This strategy will ensure that you show your awareness of the business need this role will fulfill and give the interviewer confidence that you have the skills to meet their needs. 

While answering this question, refrain from mentioning external factors and focus on fit. This includes avoiding talk of dissatisfaction in your current role, culture fit (fitting in with the team is only important after they know you are the right fit to fulfill their business need), or personality fit (not a great predictor of on-the-job performance – i.e. this won’t help your case). Always focus on the alignment of your skillset and their business needs and what about that makes you interested and excited.

“Do You Have Any Questions?”

If you’ve been a longtime follower of my blogs, you know how I feel about this question. I’ve written several blogs about it’s importance but I’ve got to include it here too because assessing the quality of the questions you ask is one of the most clear methods of assessing your critical thinking skills, thoughtfulness and problem solving. The most professionally capable people are always asking clarifying questions and wanting to make sure they have the right information. 

Your ability to ask great questions displays your potential on the job performance almost equally to your experience! Often a candidate with great questions whose skills and experience fall short of the requirements, will still make it to the next round of interviews.

This Method Won’t Just Help You With These 3 Questions…

Ultimately, the importance of being prepared to answer these questions well won’t just serve you well when they are asked – but will also ensure you are displaying your results-driven, proven skills throughout the interview with a sense of inner confidence. Answering these interview questions and others in this manner give the interviewer just what they need to know.

Hiring managers and interviewers most importantly want to know for certain that you are going to perform as you say you will but your past work results are their best predictor of your future performance in their company. 


With this knowledge, we hope that you won’t have to rely on personality and first impressions or feel less than confident in your ability to get the job!


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